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A Trifle Too Much

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General Nichols of Louisiana commanded a brigade of infantry during the valley campaign in Virginia which so immortalized the name of Stonewall Jackson. In one of the three fatnous victories over Banks, Milroy and Shields, says the Nashville American, the Louisiana brigade bore a conspicuous part, and its gallant commander was carried from the field mortally wounded, as every one supposed, but good nursing and skillful surgery saved the life of the general. He lef t a leg and an arm on the battlefield and lost one of his eyes. He wears an artificial leg on one side of his body and an arm on the opposite. The pluck which enabled him to withstand these terrible wounds, and to which he is indebted for his life, perhaps, more than to any other cause, sticks to him yet, and he is one of the most jovial of men, enjoying a good joke as much as anybody. He tells this on himself : When canvassing for governor, he was invited by a lady who knew of his loss of limbs to make her house his home, and he accepted. She ordered her manservant, who knew nothing of the general' s misfortune, to see that he was comfortably put to bed. The darky feit proud of the honor of serving a distinguished general and the next governor, and the general was inclined to be communicative, which delighted the negro very much and made him feel at home with his guest. When he took the general's arm off and laid it on the table, he commenced to express great sympathy, saying : "It sho' is bad for a man to lose he arm dat erway ! An de Yankees done dis, did dey?" When the general told him to take his leg off, the negro thoughfc he was joking, but went at it in a businessliko way, though he was almost ready to shed tears of sympathy this time. Placing the leg on the table by the side of the arm and looking at the general, he said: ' ' Urn ph ! Leg off on one side an arm off on t'other. Dat is too bad, to cut a man up in dat sort o' way. " The general saw the opportunity for a little fuu had come, so, leaning his body f orward, said : ' ' Come, now, take my head off. ' ' But the negro was gone.


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