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Victoria's Regal Right

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Several newspapers, ia eplaining t j their readers how Queen Victoria cam to succeed William IV, say it was be cause she was bis uiece. That is th trnth, but ouly half the truth, for Will iam IV had nephews and other nieces George III's first, second, third au( fourth sons were respectively thePriuc of Wales, afterward George IV, wh died childless iu 1S3Ö; Frederick, duk of York, who died in 1827, also with oot cbildren; William, duke of Ciar ence, who died William IV, June 20 1837, withoot lawfal issoe, and Ed ward, doke of Kent and Strathearn and earl of Dubliu, who died Jan. 23 1820. aged 53, leaving as the sole issu of nis ruarriage with Prinoess Victori of Leiningen a baby daoghter, now Queen Victoria. The qneen succeedec William IV not because she was sirnply his niece, but because she was the onl; child of the brother next to him in th order of succession. Had Queen Victoria had a brothe 6he would in all probability not hav been a personage of historical celebrity save in the contingency of succeeding him. Her rights were those that de volved on her f rom her father. At th time she sncceeded to the throne he úneles - the Dukes of Cumberland, o Snssex and Cambridge - were living younger brothers of her father and jun ior to him in the line of succession ii the order named. The Duke of Cumber land, who became king of Hanover on the death of William IV, was a man oi such despotic temper and principies that all England cherished the Princess Victoria as standing between it and his sneoession to the throne. He had lawful issue, as had the Duke of Cambridge. The Duke of Snssex, a most estimable man, married twice, but these unious being repugnaut to the provisions of the royal marriage act, his children were barred from the line of succession. From the revolntion of 1688 rose the Jacobite party, made up of those who supported the cause of Jarnes II, his sons and descendauts. The picturesque modern Jacobites do not recognize Qneeu Victoria, despite the fact that her succession is due to her Stuart blood, for she is a direct descendant of Elizabeth, daughter of James I, to whose beira the title to the throne devolved by the act of settlement on the death of Anne


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