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Bitter Against Emma

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Chicago, Sept. 28.- At 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, when the second day's sessrion of the labor convention at Orpheus hall was to have been called to order, E. V. Debs was net present. Emma Goldmann, the New York anarchist whose right to a seat as delégate in the conventiön will yet meet with bitter opposition, made her appearance and announced that she would address the meeting. The only other woman present among the fiftyodd delegates who assembled Tuesday murning was Mrs. Mary Willis, who represents the Chicago Knights of Labor. The first work of the convention Tuesday was the report of the committee on resolutions. Monday's Session Very Stomiy. Monday afternoon's session of the convention was a stGrmy one. The trouble grew out of the questlon of admitting Emma Goldmann and Dr. H. S. Taylor of Chicago, the Populist leader, as delégate. Dr. Taylor won, after half of the delegates had called him an enemy of the workingmen. But he had only two votes to spare. Miss Goldniann's admission to the convention as a delégate of the New York Debating club, was bitterly fought by J. W. Rae, vice president of the Brotherhood of Painters and Deeorators of America, who declared that trades unionistscould not afford to sit in convention with a woman of Miss Goldmann's views. He said the workingman must repudíate anarchy. When, finally, Miss Goldmann was admitted, Rea walked out of the hall, saying a convention that would admit an anarchist was no place for an lonest delégate. The incident broke up the session and caused a hasty adjournmênt.


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