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Chicago, Sept. 28.- The real troubles of the Luetgert jury began Tuesday when the defense put on the flrst of its .expert witnesses. With Dr. Bernard L. Keise on the stand, Luetgerfs counsel "began the task of contradicting all that the men of science summoned by the state had tried to prove, and the twelve jurymen began to realize how varied and mysterious are the ways of experts on the witness stand. As was expected, Dr. Reise's testimony- based on his experiments with boiling human bodies in the same "vat said to have been used by Luetgert- was contrary to the theory of the prosecution in all material details. In the flrst place he deelared it was impossible to heat the potash solution to the boiling point in the vat. He tried it repeatedly and failed. Continuing with a minute recital of the experiments, Dr. Reise said there were no sesamoid bones left in the -vat after the process was finished. The experts for the state, it will be remembered, identifled several bones in the vat as human sesamoids-. No Kft'ect on Artificial Teeth. Dr. Reise further sought to deny the truth of the state's hypothesis, by testifying that the solution had absolutely no effect on artificial teeth; that all the pieces of the skull remained in shape, and that portions of the spinal column, forearm and the heel were also found in the bottcm of the vat. With such counter statements the defense hopes to destroy the effect of the testimony given by the army of srcientists subpoenaed by the state, who identified the bones as human and told what would be the effect of such a treatment on the body of a woman. It is known the defense has plenty of other experts who will corrobórate the evidence of Dr. Reise. Professor Eckley, demonstrator of atomy at Northwestern universlty medical school; Dr. Allport, Dr.. Potter, and many others wfll also combat the thecry cf the prosecution. The jurymen will have to decide which side is correct and nobody envíes them the task. State Makes Fast Time. Fast time was made in the examina■tion of witnesses Tuesday. Six were on the stand before Dr. Reise was called. jind so quickly did the state dispose of them in the cross-examination that it looked for a time as though the defense would run short of witnesses ag-ain. The big crowd that had gathered with the hope of seeing Luetgert take the witness stand thought sure he would be called upon then, but af ter a long cosultation, Attorneys Vincent and Phalen declded to plunge into the expert testimony. The failure of the defense to allow Luetgert to testify disappointed the throng that had gathered for the express purpóse of hearing what the prisoner himself would say about the array of evidence the state has :piled up against him. "No, Luetgert will not testify today." said 'Attorney Vincent when he flrst came into the courtroom. "Just when he will go on the stand is not yet settled, but you may say deflnitely that he will not do so today." Defense Nearing an Enl. Attorney Vincent admffcted that with 'the end of the expert testimony nearly all the evidenoe of the defense - barring that locked in Luetgert's bosom - will have been submitted and that then the prisoner will be sworn and asked to teil his story. It is believed to be the best way ■to conclude the defense. Aside from Dr. Reise's evidence the testimony Tuesday was not remarkable. It is true that another witness swore to seeing Mrs. Luetgert alive after the date she is said to have been murdered, but the alibis have become so common that they attract 'little attention from the audience, although the counsel for the defense naturally think them highly important. A fruit peddler hearing the name of Armandale J. Updike told of this latest visión. He claimed he saw a woman re-Sembling Mrs. Iuetgert near the town of McHenry, forty-five miles from Chicago, June 9. She was not alone, however, ■on this occasion, being in the company of another woman. Both were camping out in the woods. Recojriiized a Pliotograph. Updike recognized a photograph of Mrs. Luetgert as a picture of one of the women he saw June 9. This was over a month after the Kenosha people say they saw her. Other witnesses called by the defense Tuesday were Dr. Rutherford, for three years the Luetgert family physician; H. R. Arnald, who was helplng Luetgert make a loan on nis property; Maggïe Shaughnessy. who was at the da.nce May 1, and did not see Gottliebf Schimpke there; August Heinemann, who hear Mrs. Luetgert say she was going away, and August Rehmann, who desoribed the elevator gate in the factory basement. The gate itself - twelve feet long - was brought into court and shown to the jury. With the plank that covered the vat, it will be oftered in evidence by the defense.


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