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Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Cure a Prominent Attorney. ME. E. C. PHELPS, the leading pension attorney of Belfast, N. Y., writes: "I was discharged from the army on account of ill health, and suffered írom heart trouble ever since. I frequently had fainting and smothering spella My form was bent as a man of 80. I constantly wore anovercoat, even In summer. for fear of taking cold. I could not attend to my business. My rest was broken by severe palns about the heart and left shoulder. Throo years ago I commenced using Dr. Miles' Heart Cure, notwithstanding I had used so much patent medicine and taken drugs írom doctors for years without being helped. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure restored me to health. It is truly a wonderful medicine and it affords me much pleasure to recommend this remDr. Miles' Eemedies I ISFDr'31 are sold by all KVu '"fM gist3 under a positive Sj ' "'t B guarantee, firt hnttla CjHoaft QUrOJ beneflts or money KLf RestOreJ funded. Book on K"fj u.l ' fl eases of the heart and fiÉ"1Oalt'kjfiH nerves f ree. Address, BSBKBBHsi DE. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. Ï! B.NORR1S i Attorntsy at Law. Does a general lawcnllection anrt nouveyano np v;]sinf=o. "oderntp shareo vnur Dat"Maatfe '■eappctfuUv =olioite3. Office IB E Hurón Street, upst.airs Michigan College of Mines. A State technical school. Practical work Special opportunitieg for men bf age and experience Elective system. Collo.e year, 45 weeks. Tuition t'or residents, $25; non-residents, $150. For catiilorue address TR. M. E. WADSWORTH, President, 32-39 Houghton, Mich. V_ DETROIT, MICH. - The best place In Amenen lor young men and women to secur a Business Education. Shorthand, Mei.'hanical Drawlnsr or Penmanship. Thorough sjsteni oí Actual Buin39. Session entire year. Student begin any time. Catalogue Free. Reference, all W. V. JEWELL, Pres. P. R. SPENCER, tvs. O R. WILLIAMS, Atiorner at Law and Pension Claim Attorne?. MILAN. MICH. Conveyancinsr aad Coll eti iqs AGENTS ) For the Fastest - Selling Book.. WA NT E D ) of the Season. One agent made 39 calis and took 27 orders: nnor.hpr took 82 orders in 5 days; another sold L) in a i:iys, etc. AGENTS HAVE NO COMPETITIOIM. FOUHTH EDITION NOW ON PRESS. NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. Lakeside Building, CHICAGO, - ILL. J. Freá VÍoeiz)e5 DEALER IS Meats, Sausasres, Ojsters and Market Goods. Porter House and Sirloin Steaks a Specialty WASHINGTON MARKET. HUMPHREYS' CURES No. I Fever, Congestión No. 2 Worms. No. 3 Infants' Diseases. No. 4 Diarrhea. No. 7 Coughs & Colds. No. 9 Headache. No. 1O Dyspepsia, Indigestión. No. 1 1 Delayed Periods. No. 1 2 Leuchorrea. No. 13 Croup. No. 1 4 Skin Diseases. No. 15 Rheumatistm. No. 19 Catarrh. No. 27 Kidney Diseases. No. 34 Sore Throat. No. 77 Grip & Hay Fever. Dr, Humphreys' Homeopathie Manual of Diseases at your Druggists or Mailed Free. Sold by örugeists, or sent on receipt of 26cts., 50cts. or $1. Humphreys' Med. Co., Cor. William and John Sts., New York.


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