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President Hutchins has a 'phone iu his residence uow. It is No. 22. The new electrio Iighting plaut will not be ready for use bef ore Dec. 1. A new fraternity, Phi Rho Sigma, bas beeu established iu the medical department. Porf. Hencb, who is not at all well, weut to Mt. Clemeus Saturday, where he will rernaiu until the semester opeus. Mr. John Tatlock, the uewly appointed instructor iu Eoglish, is a uepbew of Bev. Henry Tatlock, of St. Audrew's ohurch. Prof. Rebec bas been offered the professorship of pholosophy at the University of Colorado, and is giviug tbe cali due considerador). The University liLrary is open from 9 to 3 2 a. m. and fiorn 2 to 5 p. in. Beginniug Friday it will be opeu fiom 8 a. m. to 10 p. ru. Levi D. Benjamin, who graduated froiD tbe department of pharmacy last year has accepted a positiou in the chemical department as an assistant. Edvtard Clark Marsh, of Detroit, is the new secretary of the School of Music. He bas beenon the editorial staff of the Concert Goer for some time past. Charles F. Watkins, of Traverse City, last seasan's coach on tbe U. of M. baseball team, arrived here Saturday. His mother will spend the winter witb him. Dr. W. J. Herdman was chosen a rnember of the executive council by the American Electric Therapeutic Association, in session at Harrisburg, Pa., Thursday of last week. The ü. of M. football team will have its first game of the season at the atbletic field tomorrow aftemoon. Tbe game will cornmence at 3 :30 and will be against the Normal School eleven. F. M. Loomis, formerly business manager of tbe U. of M. Daily, bas been appointed iustructor in and general director of tbe laboratory of baeteriology in the new Grand Rapids Medical College. George M. O'Connor, of Detroit, a gradúate of the higb shool and university, was rnarried Wednesday of laat week to Miss Selena Kent, of Detroit. Mr. O'Connor's home is also in Detroit, where he is assistant manager of the Hammond estáte. George Wahr has issued this week a clotb boond test book of Algebra of 80 pages, prepared by E. A. Lyman, A. G. Hall and E. C. Goddard, instractors in the U. of M. The book is prepared especially for use in courses 1 and la at the university. Edwin Roedder, who has been teaching fcr the past year iu St. Mary's Hall, Episcopal Military School, Montclair, Colorado, arrived here Friday to take Mr. Hildner's place as instructor at the university thiá year. He will also work for his doctors degree. The Students' Lecture Assooiation has booked the following attractions: Gov. Robert L. Taylor, of Tennessee; Slayfcon grand concert company, with Max Beudix, violinist; Hon. Wallace Bruce; Dr. Fridtjof Nansen; Leiand T. Powers; Booker T. Washington, Chicago alumni number; John Philip Sousa and his band ; Hon. J. R. Burton, and the aunual oratorical contest. The homeopathie department of the university enters upon its next year's work witb oue of tbe most uuited and harmonious faculties that it bas had since it was instituted, and its professors are all bright, active men. Dr. W. B. Hinsdale, the dean, and Dr. R. S. Copeland, the seoretary, have fought hard and well for the retentiou of tbe department iu Anu Arbor, and they will reap the reward of their labora in seeing an increased narnber of scudents at the college this year. The new appointments tbat have been recently made have also strengthened the teaching force. Dr. Kiuyon, of Rock Island, 111., who bas been appointed to the chair of gynecology and obstetrios is one of the most prominent homeopathists in the United States, and Dr. Albert Elliott, of Montreal, Canada, who bas been appointed instrnotorin pathology, is one of the best stndents in tbe east, and will be a great acqnisition to the department. May the department long flourish under its present able faculty without auy more interna! factional dissensions.


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