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Left Out Of The Prayer Book

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While Mark Twain was in Dresdeu he expressed a wish to meet Dr. Paul Lindau. The resnlt was a dinner given by an American resident there which brought the two distinguished anthors together. When "conversation becarne general, Dr. Lindau gave his views on America. He had been there for a few weeks and knew it all. In particular he condemned the climate of Florida. Mr. Clemens thereupon spoke up: "I was there some years ago and spent some time in Key West. While at Key West a schooner put in one day with several of the crew dead from yellow fever. Well, there was great excitement in the town, and elabórate preparations were made for the funeral. A minister was gecured to officiate, and when all was ready he opened his prayer book and read the marriage service. There was no funeral service in the Key West prayer books. They never have occasion


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