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(ilen MdJonough's rarce comeciy will be the attraction at the Athens Theater tomorrow night. The pieee is said to be, if possible, brigbter and fresher than ever. Through the three acts the appreciation of the audience never tires and they encoré heartily every specialty on the bill. There is not a dull thing in the show. The singing and the dancing is fully up to the requirements, and the jokes and funny situations take the f ancy of the audience. Mr. Halpin's make-up as the "Weary Willie, is certainly adrnirable and nis acting of the part is tnoroughly in keeping with his appearance. He and Mr. Welcher are "chuck" full of witty sayings. Barney McDonough does good work as tíeorge A. Spink, gives a novel and pleasing specialty in the shape of a tale illustrated with selections from popular songs which he executes on the piano. The taleuted travesty stars, Jules and Ella Garrison present refined travesty on dramatic productions. Rose Melville, Fannie Temple, Marbelle Davies and Bessie Challenger are pretty and pleasing. "The Prodical Father" is prettily staged and all the company rully up in their parts. "A Hired G!rl" which will be the attraction at the Athens Theater Monday evening is the Jatest product f rom the versatile pen of Chas. E. Blaney who has produced a number of successful farce comedies. The author is pleased to terna his latest efFort a musical comedy, and f rom all accounts it is not amisnomer. Solos, choruses and musical specialties follow each other in rapid succession. The piece has a plot, and n telling of the struggles of an unfortunate professor of music at Vassar, the members of the company, are enabled to work out some funny situations. There are 25 members in the company jncluding 17 charming young women. A feature is a foot-ball game between the Vassar and Yale elevens. The music, which is catchy, is by Han y James ; incidentally, a large number of the latest topical songs and selections from popular operas, are introduced. James T. Kelly, who lieads the cast, was a member of Peter Dailey's company last seasou, and during the past summer has been very successful in the "continuous" vaudeville houses. Prominent among the other members of the company are Dolan and Lenharr, the well known operatic sketch team, and Willis P. Sweatnam the orignal in Monologue.


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