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Special meeting of Fraternity Lodge, No. 262, F. & A. M., this evening for work. The regular monthly meeting of Anon Arbor Ohapter, O. E. 8., will be held next Wednesday evening. Bd Warren, dronk, paid $6.20 oost? to Jnstioe Duffy Monday for the privilege of baving indulged and was released. James Sweet, a stadent, paid .Tustiee Pond $3.20 Monday for the privilege of riding a bicycle on the sidewalk oontrary to the ordinanoe. The next meeting of the Michigan Political Soienoe Association will be held at Ann Arbor, Oct. 29 and 30. The sessions will be held in Tappan hall. Louis Kurtz was bronght before Justiee PoDd Monday afternoon for keeping his saloon open on Suuday. He waived examination and was bound over to the oiroait court. A uumber of the married friends of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mutschel dropped in oo them at their new home on Olivia st. Monday evening and gave them a genuine "house warming." There will be an exhibition at the Art sohool, N. University ave., to continue during next week. The walls of the stndios are hung with landsoapes made by Mr. Pattison's pupils during the Rummer, and some recent study work. The honse is open to the public. Two alarms oalled out the fire departroent Monday evening, one was oaused by the borning of some gasoline in the alley back of Berger's saloon, and the other by a gasoline stove at John T. Forohue's house on N. Fourth ave. Both were extiuguished without the aid of the department. ■ Prof. Wenley delivered the seooud lecture in the series oii the Preparation of the World for Uhrist" before a large audience at tbe Presbyterian ohnrch Sunday night. His speoial topio was "Sócrates and His Surrouudings." ThiB series will continue each Sunday night through November and into Deoember. The three literary societies of the high school have been engaged in aotive work sinoe the opening of the school year and the Lyceum, the oldest debating sooiety in the high sohool, has ohallenged the Crescent debating society of the Normal ooilege to a debate, whioh has been aooepted. After this contest is oonoluded the Lyoeum expeots to challenge Detroit high sohool to a debate, either at Detroit or here. The literary sooieties are under the direct supervisión of the faculty of the high Bchool. The Water Co. will lay a new 6-inch main on E. Ann st. , between State and División sts. next week. County Clerk Sohuh issued a "deer" license to Oscar Luick the other day, The Argus wishes him Inuk. The sewing school will agaiu oommenoe its winter sessions in the Courier building toiïnrrow afternoon. The 37th annpal convention of the State Sunday School Associatiou will meet at Pon Hurón Ñov. 16, 17 and 18. The ladies of the M. E. ohuroh are to give au experience sooial shortly and the ladies are very busy earning their dollars to pay in to it. The M. E. ohurch choir guild was formally organized on Saturday evening. A oonstitution was adopted and officers eleoted for the ensuing year. TLe ohampionship game bfttween the Ann Arbor and Detroit high sohool football teams occurs at the fair grounds in this oity, this afternoon at 3 o'clook. The semi-annual distribntion of primary school money bas been made and Anu Arbor receive9 on her 2,925 children of school age $2,632.50, or 90 cents per capita. D. F. Sohairer's sons are mourning the death of the two goats whioh were sent to thero early this year and which were the souroe of so muoh innoceut amusement to them. Dr. Charles C. Albertson, of Buffalo, N. Y., will deliver the flrst leoture in the Wesleyan Guild course at the First M. F. ohnroh next Sunday evening. Subject "The Immortal Dreamer. " Friday and Saturday afternoons of sext week an entertainment oonsisting of the exhibition of an elabórate display of pictures and an oyster supper will be given at the First M. E. church parlors. Died, Oct. 27, 1897, Leland E. Cook, formerly of Me6ker, Colo., aged 53 years. The funeral services were beid at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Henry S. Dean, No. 527 E. Liberty st., yesterday afternoon. The Times bioyole path between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, has after long delays been flnally started. Contraotor Westoff xommenced work on Monday. The rigbt of way has been seoured as far as William Campbell's on the south road. Tbe annual election of Miohigan División, League of American Wheelmen, ooours between the dates of Nov. 1 and 15. So far there is bat one ticket iu the field, and on it EL G. Prettyman, of this oity, is named as represeutative at large. The returning board will meet here Nov. 17 60 oanvass the votes. Abont 300 people attended the slugging match at the armory Thursday evening of last week. Scieutifio boxing was not a feature of the performance and tbe four round match between Jaok Hammond, of Detroit, and Frank Pope, of Ann Arbor, was a short one of only one and a half ronnds, Pope being no matón for his opponent. H. O. Misner, a Detroit young man, tried the old game of selling a bicycle oheap to O. E. St. Clair, of N. Pourth ave , Wednesday of last week. Mr. St. Clair was suepicious, informed the pólice and the young man was arrested. Word was sent to the Detroit pólice who carne and took him to that city where he was wanted for the theft of the wheel. The first of the Practical Talks by Practical People, in the Y. M. C. A. educational course, was made by Prof. A. C. McLanghlin Monday eveuing. The subject was "The Making of the Uonstitution," and the talk was very interesting and instruotive to those who heard it. Cbas A. Ward will talk next Monday evening on "A Silver Dollar - what it is and where it comes froin." The higb sohool gymnasium is now completad at a total cost of about $1,000. It is looated in the high school building and comprises the greater part of the ground floor of the old building. The gymnasium is fitted up with two large shower baths, loc cers for 100 students and all the latest apparatus. Beside this, it bas au exeroise room 30x36 feet whioh furnishes room for a olass of 25 at a time. It is steam heated and lighted by eleotrioity. Classes for boys and girls will at onoe be formed. A charge of $1 to defray .ourrent expenses will be oharged. J. P. Schnh has the contrast for plumbing the New State telephone office. The St. Thomas' cbnrcb fair will oomruence at the aiinory next Monday eveuiug. The Argos was in error last week in saying thafc FraDk Dnress was allowed $250 from the Richards' estáte. The claim was allowed at $200. Dr. B. B. Sudwortb will erect some new residfinces on tbe lot reoently purchased by hirn corner of State and Ann sts. The old house will be moved away. It is said by those who are in a position to know that the poke bonnet which now adorns the northern extremity of the Cook house was designed by "Meroh" Goodrinh. - Times. Mr. and Mrs. Granger have deoided noc to admit visitors to their adnlt dancing classes this winter on account of the embarrassment it causes to pupils. It is a very sensible deoision. Robert E. Staebler, tbe genial manager of the Amerioan house, has been feeling in particularly good humor this week. The reason was the arrival of a bright baby boy at his home Monday. The juvenile club class in dancing to meet at Granger's academy will be organized some time next month. The children's class of '91 will be given a danoing party by Mr. and Mrs. Granger soon. The I. O. O. F. will cornmepce its series of dauoing parties in the I. O. O. F. hall in the HenuiDg block next Wednesday evening Those who attend ed laet winter have not yet forgotten the good time tbey had. The Ladies' Aid Society of the First M. E. obnrch has elected officers for the year asfollows: President, Mrs. W. J. Booth ; vice president, Mrs. A. L Noble; treasurer, Mrs. C. H. Worden ; seoretary, Mrs. P. L. Bodmer. The October term of tbe circuit court will close Saturday night as Judge Kinne has to go to Monroe Monday. Unless tbe case against C. P. MoKinstry is finished duiing the time of the close of the Richards' trial and Saturday evening it will again have to go over to the next term of oourt. At the annual election of tbe Keystone Club held Monday tbe following offioers were eleoted : President, W. H. Whitmarsh ; vice president, Dr. John Kapp; secretary and treasnrer, Charles E. Hiscock. The anuua] Thanksgiving dinner will be giveu by President Whitmarsh at the club house, Zukey Lake, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 24. At the oounty oonvention of the W. C. T. U. held at Chelsea last week, the followiug offioers were eleoted for the ensuing year: President, Mrs. H. M. Doig, Anu Arbor ; reooiding seoretary, Mrs. M. Warner, Ypsilanti ; correspoiiding secietary, Mrs. M. Dnnoan, Ann Arbor; treasurer, Mrs. M. G. Hill, Chelsea. At the Congregatioual phurob, on Taesday eveniug, Mr. Harrie Mammond and Mrs. Emma Minkley, botb of the North side, were married by Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Tyler acted as groomsman and bridesmaid. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond went at once to their home 64 Broadway, where they are at home to their friends. Mr. F. L. York, well known in Ann Arbor, where he has had a olass in musió for several years, has been chosen to fill Mr. Felix Lamond's plaoe in the Normal Conservatory of Musio, made vacant by that gentleman 's aoceptance of the position of organist of Trinity churoh, Now York. Mr. York also takes Mr Lamond's place as oraguist and director of music in Ciirist ohurch, Detroit. Rev. Robert Paddock delivered an address on foreigu missions at St. Andrew's church, Sunday evening, which was a wide departare from the usual style of mission sermons. He did nol ask for money, but for the support of the cbristian people through prayer and syrupatby. His address was brief but to the point and was full of illustrations of the good that has been effeoted in heathen countries by the labors of earnest missionary workera. After the service a largo number of people remained upon invitation oJ the reutor and Mr. Paddook, and steps were taken toward forming a olass in tbe scudy of missions to meet immediately after morning servioe eaoh Sunday in the church. Willam Walsb, of this city, has been granted a restorationj and reissue of pension. Ypsilaoti Chapter, O. E. S., will give a Hallowe'eu sooal next Monday evening, Nov. 1. There are now 809 students at tbe State Normal college, Ypailanti, 850 of wbom are residents of Michigan. The Landwebr Uuterstuetzungs Vere n had a well attended concert and social dance in its rooms ou .Monday erening. A class in bookkeeping has been nrganized at the Y. M. C. A roons. The firat meeting of the class was held Wednesday evening. Hallowe'en social at tha Y. M. ('. A. rooms this even n?. Admissiou lu cents, coffee and oake ser elwithcnt extra charge. Rev. .T. T. Sunderland will preach at the Unitarian church next Sunday rooruing on "Athletics, Physical and Moral." Prof. W. W. Beman was chosen treasurer of tbe Baptist State convención at its annnai session held in Bay City last week. Miohael C. Doty, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Carrie E. Sherwood, of Gariet on, were married at Carleton, Wednesday, by Rev. Fr. Newkirk. Albert Long and Mrs. Flora Morton will fnrnish the mnsic for the Satnrday evening classes and assemblies at Granger's academy this season. Nora Hawkes, of Augusta, has brongbt suit for divorce against Jher busbaud Sheridan Hawkes on the ground of non-snpport and cruelty, and asks for the custody of their child Clio Hawkes .T. D. Hawkes, representiing a syndicare that is acting in harmony with those interested in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti electrio road, has obtained a 30 day option from Mr. Pack on his interest in the Detroit and Saline plank road. The school in district No. 5, Lodi, which is tangbt by Miss Sophia East received $11 as premiums for exhibits at tbe WasbteDaw county fair. Clemmie Rogers, of the same school reoeived a $5 scholarship for her map of Washtenaw county. "Tbe Life and work of Martin Lutber" will be the subject of an address to be delivered by Rev. W. L. Tedrow at Trinity Lutheran church next Suuday evening. He will Ilústrate his subject by a nnmber of exoellent views presented with the stereoptioon. Charles Fox & Co., of Grand Rapids, jave commenced suit against the Ann Arbor railroad company for $20,000 for the value of a mili burned at Thompsonvilli two years ago. Tbe lumber mili and yards are alleged to have been destroyed by sparks from a luoomotive. C. C. Church's house at 520 W. was entered by some person Frid; y nigbt. The wire soreen door was ciu and unfastened and tbe house door unocked. Notbing was taken, the thief being frightened away before getting any further into the house than the dining room. Mrs. Anua Amelia Sehiplock has entered suit in the oiicnit court for a divorce from her husband Otto Snipock on tbe ground of his cruelty, nonsupport. drunkenness and assooiation witb lewd wotneu. She also asks that the court grant ber alimony in snob snm as may be fit and proper. Eutered into rest at 9 a. m. Oct. 26, Mrs. Dorothy A. Bates, beloved wife of Conrad Bates and sister of Mrs. Sarah M. Pryor, at the age of 58 years. The funeral services were held at the lamily residence 033 E. University ave., yesterday afternoon, Rev. Henry Tatlock officiating, Interment in Dixboro cemetery. Alo Arbor Cocrier: A barn costing $4,000 was dedioated recently by a large nnmber of ladies from Grass Lake and vioinity. The edifice is looated a couple of miles soutbwest of Grass Lake on tbe Boland homestea. A number of sp6eohes were made by the ladies, bnt we didn't notice any from th News editor. - We were to bnsy 8izing up the eatables. - Grass Lake News. From infanoy up Carlton has been known as a great feeder. On Monday evening the Don't-YouWish-You-Knew club with their husbands and invited friends, took the motor to Charles W. Rose's home in Pittsfield and proceeded to make themselves as agrueable as possible The occasion was Mr. Rose's birtbday and tbe evening spent was a most pleasant one. Music, cards, etc, was the program of amusement, followed by an appetizing supper. As nuementoes of the occasion Mr. Rose was presented with a silver mounted cane from the company, a bnnch of beautiful roses from the ladies and a box of oonfectionery from tbe gentlemen. About 40 people were present and it was a late honr when they left for home wishing Mr. Rose many happy returns of the day.