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An Astonisher

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The Bev. Dr. X , a popular minister, suffers from a halt in his gait, a peculiarity whish he inherits from his father. One day when the reverend doctor was still a student he was walking along Princes street, Edinburgh, in coinpany with his father, and on coming to a' path where the footway was narrowed on account of some building operations the old gentleman stepped on before him. As they were proceeding thus a sober looking countryman behind them, evidently unaware of the relationship of the pair, frowned once or twice at the limping youth and shook his head at him reprovingly. Yoong X was wondering what this could mean, when he was speedily enlightened by the countryman giving him a smart box on the ear, at the same time exclaiming indignantly : "Tak' that, ye young jackanapesl Ye should be ashanied o' yoursel' for mimicking the auld gentleman's infirmity. Ye toothless young scoondrel, ye'll


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