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Hard Order For Many

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Chicago, Oct. Zb. - (Jniet Kipley s iong-rxpected order has been issued. It ia lcnown as general order No. 32, and afíeets 439 men on the forcé. By its provisión 393 patrolmen are dismissed and a number of important transfers made. Of the patrolmen dropped from the roll, one is Nicholas Miehaels, who is a brotherin-law of Inspector Schaack, and traveled a beat in the thirty-eighth precinct. Michaels is the policeman who was shot fn the hip at the row at the polling place where Gus Colliander was killed. He was especially active. in the prosecution of Alderman O'Malley, and for this reason, it is said, he was let out. Kenneth Koss, a brother of ex-Assistant Chief Alexander Ross, is also among those iet go. He was formerly a detective sergeant at the Central station, but was placed in uniform and assigned to patrol luty some time ago. Luetfjert Detectives Are Out. One notable feature of the order ia that the four detectives who did th! most conspicuous work in the Luetgert jnurder case. are dlscharged. They were conr.ected with the Sheffieïd avenue station and worked under the personal directicn of Inspector Schaack in the famous murder case. Detective "VValter Dean, one of the men removed, is the officer who found the rings in the vat at the sausage factory, which. it is alleged, were worn by Mrs. Luetgert. The other detfctives prominently identifled with the fatr.ous murder case who are discharged aro: Ceorge Lang. Jchn Sederbrrg ard C. L. Grlebenow. Tre order also remeves two pension patrolmen from the active payrolls, retires on pension tnrèe desk sergeants, one detective sersreent, ard twenty patrclmën. Four lieutenants are reduoed in rank, seven men are tran?ferred and eight desk pergeants are discharged; also two detectives and two patrol sergeants. The places of all the discharged and retired men were immediately filled by Star Leaguers. an organization of policemen, who were removed under the Swift admir.istration.


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