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"a Rainbow On The Ground."

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Will you allow me through your paper to ask if other people have observed a rainbow "on the ground, " instead of, as usual, in the air, and, if so, would they be so kind as to give the scientific reason for such an appearance? I have never before today watched such a curious sight as that of which I speak. While taking a long country walk I was overtaken by a heavy shower, and while taking refuge froin the rain I watched the lights and shadows moving along the valley below me, being mysclf on the crest of a downlike hill. I was struck by the tmusual glow and brightness of the colors in the valley, and as I watched they formed a most brilliant rainbow, perfect in shape and color, but lying "flat on its side," so to speak, on the pasture land below, the top of the are uearing the opposite hills and the two ends toward the down I was on. This strange and beautiful effect was also witnessed by a friend who was with me. I should be niuch interested to know if others have at any time seen the like and could exrtlain the cause. ■


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