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Spain's Reply To Note

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Madrid, Oct. 26.- The Spanish government refuses to furnish for publication the text of the note of Spain which has been handed to the United States minister here, General Stewart L. Woodford as an answer to the communicaiion which the general placed in the hands of the Duke of Tetuan early in September last, when the latter was minister for foreign affairs, on the subject of the insurrection in the island of Cuba. The United States minister admits having received Spain's reply to the note of the United States, but he declines to discuss the matter beyond saying that the text of the Spanish answer will be im-' mediately transmitted to Washington. Prom other sources it was learned that the officials of the United States legation were engaged in translating Spain's answer, and it was reported that the United States minister would cable to Washington immediately the full text of the Spanish note. As to Filibustering Expetlitions. Although the government of Spain will not give out the text of its reply to the United States on the subject of Cuba, it was officially announced that the reply of the Spanish minister for foreign affairs, Senur Gullon, is on the following Unes: It expresses regret at the fact that the insurrection in Cuba "Receives support from frequent American filibustering expeditions," and that otherwisé the rebeliion in Cuba would possibly not exist. It is hoped by the Spanish .-gcvernment and by granting autoncmy to Cuba and the withdrawing of American support of the inaurgents the insurrection will shortly be ended. It is further officially announced that the Spanish note is marked throughout by an energetic tone. According to the reports in official circles here the United States minister will confine himself to acknowledging the receipt of the Spanish réply and after forwarding it to the United States government will request instructions from Washington before proceeding any further in the matter. l'ublication of the Keply. It is not expected that the text of the answer of Spain will be published here before the senate has had the opportunity of deliberating upon it and. therefore, it is understood that the text of the document raay not be published in the United States until after the reassembling of congress. But, before congres?" reassembles (the first llonday in December, otherwisé, Dec. 6), it is expected by the Spanish officials here that the condition of affairs in Cuba, so far as the insurrection in that island is concerned, will have cotisiderably improved, and that. therefore, the whole question will have assumed a brighter aspect. Finally, it is announced from official sources. the Spanish government has determined to pursue a new poücy towards Cuba and to take more energetic military action against the Cuban insurgents.


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