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A Cyclist Dropped Dead

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Herbert M. Snow, of Dearborn, a well known real estáte man of Detroit, who is worth $500,000, died very suddeuly of heart disease in Ypsilanti, Wednesday. A company of bicyclists consisting of Jack Esperón, C.S. Jforter and A. B. Heavenrich started out from Detroit on a century run that ruorning. ïhey were met at Dearborn by Louis Ives and Herbert Snow. They had passed through Ypsilanti, Aan Arbor and Saline and were just entering Yplanti on Chicago avenue, when Mr. Suow dismounted from his wbeel, threvv his wheel down and stretched out on the ground in a faint. His companions also dismounted. Before a physician could arrive Mr. Snow had expired. A coroner's inquest was held and it was developed that Mr. Snow was subject to fainting spells. Mrs. Snow, wife of the dead man, arrived at 2 o'clock Wednesday. Slie rushed into the undertaker's parlors where the body was lying and was loath to believe that her husband was dead. "Have you given him strong medicine- have you had good doctors - he has had these spells before - I know he is not dead," she said excitedly. When talk was commenced on car:ng tor the remains she said: "You will not put any embalming fluid into him unless you do so over my dead body. He made me promise that 1 would never allow it. He was picked up for dead in a street car once, but it was simply orie of ihese spells. Oh, he can't be dead," The sceue in the undertaking rooms where the coroner and his jury were trying to ascertain the facts, where tlie curious crowd was watching the proceedings, was, indeed, a pathetic one. The remains were sliipped to Dearborn that afternoon. It is said ;hat Mr. Snow rode a wheel geared to 104. but used au extra long crank on the sprocket wheel. .