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A Chapter Of Crime

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A rather peculiar case has occnpied pulbio attention somewhat in Aun Arbor during the last few days. Tuesday afternoon a young giil registered at the Arlington house as Nellie Fawu, of Toledo. Wednesday morning as sbe was not out of her room at noon the chamber ruaid entered it and found her apparently nnconscions from the effects of chloroform or laudannm. Dr. Cowie was called wbo tevived her. She strenuously denied that she had atternpted suicide and claimed that she had had a bad toothache and had taken the drugs to ease the pain. As soon as ene reoovered consciousness she left the hotel and later was found by Marshal Sweet at the rooms of a friend of hers wbo is a medical student named Howard Sttfck. It was the old story of a wonian's betrayal, her approaohing sharne, and a desire to couceal it. Sbe had come here at the request of the young man, who to Marshal Sweet said "She is in trouble, and I let her come to_help a friend out. I did not think she wonld try to kill herself. I don't want her to die on my hands. I'd rather have you take her to jail." And, to jail the weeping girl was taken. She said: "He promised me he would let me have a good time if I would coiiib. Nüw I'm going back to Allegan. I have koown hirn a long time and think a great deal of him." At the jail the girl was taken t?p into a cell and when Marshal Sweet came down stairs be was asked by Sheriff Judson who she was. On learniug the circumstances the sheriff decided that the jail was no place to have her and ar Maishal Sweet's request took her over to the St. James hotel and engaged a rooia for her. She registered as Stella Sebring, of Allegan, and stayed there uutil after breakfast next moruing. To the sheriff she told her sad story and claimed that a yonng man named Clarence Fuller, of Allegan, was to blarne for her condition. Mr. Jndson gave her some good advice and advised her to go home to her parents, confess her fault and have the young man inarry her. She returned to Allegan yesterday at 1 :55 p. m., Stuck also went there on the midnight train. A telegram was received from Fuller yesterday in whioh he denied complicity in the matter and stated that he would be in Anu Arbor last night, but it has not been learned tbat he was here.


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