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Mrs. Henry.Walters is sick with malarial fever. Mrs. Frank Ely ír quite sick, although she seems to be gaining slowly. Wilber Shernaan is soou to leave for a visit in California and stay perbaps all winter. Will Rnssell goes also. Both of Eaton's Mills. Miss Clara fyird bas been home for a few days, paeking her benefits and is going to live with an tmole near Toledo. We legret her going away. All kinds of produce ia being handled at Willis. This pleases farmers, as heretofore they have had to haul their prodnoe many miles. Mr. Ainsworth says he has come to stay. Mr. and Mrs. David Potter near Willis, gave a surprise to their two daughters, Mary and Celia, who are attending school at Ypsilanti, on Saturday evening. The guests reported haviDg a very nice time. A donation was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Day on Friday evening for the Rev. W. E. Caldwell, of Ann Arbor, wbo is pastor of the Congregational cburch in Augusta. There was not a very great turnont for it was a winter's night, so to speak. Benry Smith is here from Kansas. Michigan is bis foimer home. He looks healthy and well and says he is. He bas come to take home with him a little girl and boy that have been here since their mother died over five years ago. Clara Lord bas had little Helen since she was a year old and now wishes Mr. Smith to take her home. Selwyn Childs has had the little boy for three or four years and cannot think of giving him up. What do our Sunday laws amonnt to? Only transgression and a constant harrass on the Sabbath das with guns, guns, flred right in your faoe and eyes. 3ave boards uu the four corners of your farm "Nu tresspassinf? on these rounds. " What oare they? The 'armers who rear the mother quail and ittle ones must not shoot one if they wonld. When the quail law is up, down fiom onr oities come an army with gnus and dogs and wben not bold enongb to sboot them on your pretnises they will help the dog along, drive them off yonr pr6mises over the line lence and shoot them. But yonr neighbois will come on yonr grounds for all this warning, as well as otbers, and you must "grin and bear it" or may be yon will lose a barn and all its contents. This is aggravation surely. John K. Campbell and family are veiy sorely afflioted on account of the nnexpected loss of bis brigbt little ten years old dsughter. While Mr. Campbell and wife were on their way home from the Sabbatb school convention at Whittaker laet Wednesday eveniug, they were met and informed by their hired boy that their daughterwas badly burned. It happened the hired girl was quilting and the little girl in passing by the quilting frames hit them and thus upset the lamp near by. The hired girl supposed the lamp had exploded, and grabbed it to throw it out the door, bnt the door was looked and as sbe turned sbe saw the little girl on flre. She poured on water, then took her to the pump but this did not extinguish the flamea. She then screamed fire and Mr. Carmichael who lives in the house next them, rnshed to her and smothered the flames. Dr. Benn, from Ypsilanti, cared for the sufferer, but her life went out on Friday. Her burns were located on hor hands and around her face. She was a very nervous child and the shock and fright seemed to do its deadly work. Mr. Campbell's family has been nine in number and they have only three loft. They have the sympathy of the whole community.


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