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Eluded By The Dauntless

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Washington, Nov. 16.- The filibusterng steamer Dauntlesa is again causlng serious concern to naval authorities. A telegram to the navy department from Ley West announces the sudden arrival of the Dauntless at that point, alhough Saturday the commanding officcr of the Vesuvius, who was watchlng her at Jacksonville, reported her in dock there, being cleaned and painted and generally placed in condition for another expedition. He thought she would be ready in another week. If the men and ammunitlon are now aboard the Dauntless she is in a fine way to reach Cuba, for all the navy can do to prevent it. Her speed makes lt difficult for any of our smaller warahips to caten her in the daytime and she can easily elude them at night. The only sure method for preventlng her from reaching Cuba, In the opiniĆ³n of naval officers here, is to destroy her.


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