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Haytian Side Of The Trouble

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Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 16. - The threatened rupture between Germany and Hayti has, so far, been amicably settied, though it is still understood that Germany intends to make a naval demonstration in Haytian waters. The Germán version of the trouble has already been published. Following is the Haytian side of the dispute: The dispute aróse out of the imprisonment oí Herr Emile Iueders, the son of a Germán who married a Haytian woman, for an assault upon a cab driver, said to have been unprovoked, to which Lueders, it is claimed, pleaded guilty, he was genteneed to one year's secluslon and a fine of 500 francs. An appeal was pending when the Germán minister interfered without invitation and, it is ciaimed, forced his way into the private apartments of Tiresias Simón Sara, the president of the Haytian republic, and in a rude and peremptory manner demanded the release of Lueders, with an apology to the Germán government, ai indemnity of $1,000 a day for the time he had been in prison, the immediate trial of the pólice who arrested him and the dismissal of the judges who sentenced him. If the prisoner were not released within twenty-four hours the indemnity was to be $3,000 per day for every day afterward. the current of public opinión and the certainty of support in any defensive action which he might tak, the president callèd in as many troops as could be reached at short notie, the barracks were filled, ammunition was served out and every preparation made for a fierce struggie.


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