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Real Estate Transfers

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Delia E. Sparks to John Scbaufell, lots 1 and 2, bik. 13, Congden's 2d add., Chelsea, $1,100. Panl P. Schlanderer et al. to John Koch et al., part lot 3, bik. 5, s of Hnron st. , Ann Arbor oity, $50. Geo. Snauble and wife to Gbas. Faber, part sec. 34, Bridgewater, $725. Robt. Bainey to Wm. B. Johnson, W % 8 W X n e W 14 ├ĆOrk' $1,000. A. G. JRorison to W. J. Wallaoe, pel. land 3d ward, Ypsilanti oity, $600. H. I. Post to Edward Collyer, lot 3 village of Willis, $800. W. H. Gnerin to G. H. Wbittington, pol. land village of Lima, $200. W. C. Stevens to B. O. DePew, lot 54 Western add., Ypsilanti, $900. Geo. S. Wheekr et al. to Emery Leland et. al., lot 4 and part lot 5, Wheeler add., Salem, $80. Fred Bash to John Bnrg, w 14 B w %, sec. 2 aud smn seo. 2 Lodi, $3,000. F. E. Howard and wife to Lonis Ronde, pol. land 2d ward, Ann Arbor oity, $10. M. S. Molligan et al. to Adolph Lentz and wife, lots 26, 27, 28, Traver's add., Ann Arbor city, $200.