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. . THE . . OF THE CENTURY. WE WILL SEND YOU The Michigan Farmer The Cleveland Daily World AND The Ann Arbor Argus ALL TO 1, 1899, FOR ONLY $2.30. Tl TM 1 T 's the leading agricultural and home lhe iVncniqan r armer journai of tbe west n 8 puuished at X) Detroit, Michigan, has 20 pages every week filled with timely and pructieal matter devoted to all branches of diversifled farmlng. l.egal and veterinary departments answer all questlons of subscribers f ree. The official organ of the Grange and Farmers Clubs. The most prominent farmers of the state wi'ite regularly for its columns. Complete and reliable market reports. A practical paper for the farm and home. rpi Vt I 1T1 AI T IJ (Tuterstate Edition), regular lhe lleVeland JJaily WOrld. priceï2per year.ismadeup J f rom 4 to 8 pages (newspaper ize), 6 days a week, printed and mailed in the mght go that very nearly all of our subscribers will get tnem the day they are dated. Prominence is given the live stock, wool, grain, hay nd produce markets of Detroit, Mich., Pittsburgh. Pa., iE. Liberty), Chicago, 111., Buffalo, N. "■., New York, N. Y.. Boston, Mass.. Cincinnati, Ohio, and Cleveland, Ohio, as well as the ery latest news of the globe and the most interesting features of the best dailies. All news nd market reports received in fullby telegraph and include everything up tothehourof oing to press. A Daily Newspaper, A Weekly Farm and Home Journal, and the Ann Arbor Argus ALL ONE YEÁR FOR ONLY $2.30. Take Advantage of This Opportunity While It Lasts. To new subscribers the papers will start with the first issue af ter we receive the order no back uumbere will be sent) and eootinue to January 1, 1899, all for only Ï2.30. Present ubscribers can renew their subscriptions one year from date of their present time and have he World and Michigan Farmer sent to January, 1899. Orders wil) not be received for the World or Michigan Farmer al one and the papers must 11 be sent to the same party. 10 K 101 IBS DE lUI WE WILL SEND The Michigan Farmer AND The Ann Arbor Argus BOTH TO JAN. 1, 1899, FOR ONLY $1.60 Sample Copies Free. Subscribe Now. Addrees all orders to THE ARGUS, ANN ARBOR, MICH.


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