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The Cotter Case

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Saginaw. Nov. 15. - Public interest bere seems to be largely centered in Dodd's Kidney Pilis and their cures. Since the cure of Mr. Ells, of South Sixtta Street, he bas been besieged by inquiries frorri all quarters in reference to his marvelons escape from death. New cases of equal interest are being met with daily. R. Milton Lewis, M. D., says he prescribed Dodd's Kidney Pilis for Mr. Charles C. Cotter, of the West side, a patiënt wbo had been under his professional care during the past three years, for Bright's disease, and who had during that time grown gradually worse, although be had prescribed every remedy at his command, and followed every suggestion of his associate pbysicians. As a last resort he presoribed Dodd's Kidney Pilis, and by the time the patiënt bad used the eeond box he was very mnoh improved, and there was no donbe but the pills would produce a radical cure in this case, as they did in the case of young Mr. Ellis. The doctor said he had severa! pther very complicated and severe oases under the same treatment, and the results were equally satisfactory. Notbing that has tranepired in Saginaw for many years bas oreated such profound sensation as the cnres now being effeoted by Dodd's Kidney PüIf, and the drng stores are being besieged by eager purobasers of the remedy.


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