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Went Out And Hollered

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It was the trial of a memtier of one of Norfolk 's foremost families. The defendant was a woman and was charged with forgery and complicity in pension fraud As the proceedings drew to a close all the city crowded into the Resideuts from Ghent and loafers frorn the wharfs sat together on one bench, and the bailiff, not to lose so good a chance, manifested his authority by calling out "order" and himself raaking more noise than all the people in the court. The last witness was a negress. portly and very black. Her voice was singularly mellow and sweet. The government was questioning her about the death of her husband, and her testimony was directly against the defeadant. The courtroom was consequently very quiet and still. "You say your husband died in Norfolk?" snarled the district attorney. "Yessah. " "You wTere with him?" "Yessah. Right dere with hini when he died. ' ' "Tfill ns ahmit it. " "I 'member, sah, he got up throngh the night. He said he was toowa'm lying down dere with me and de little chüd. 'I'ze too wa'm,' hesaid. Til go to de winduh and lie down dera ' He gen'ally got up nights anyhow when hé ■was too wa'm. "I don't know how long he had been lyin by de winduh 'fore I heard a rus'le. I gene'ally keeps a lamp burniD nights. I hears him say, 'Ole 'ornan. ' I started up, and he says, 'Ole 'ornan, get up. ' And I jumped up an says, 'Ole man. ' He says, ' What?' "I jumped up and went to him at de winduh, and he was like he was strugglin. I says, 'Honey, what's de matter?' and de las' wo'dhesaid, 'I don't know.' I said, 'Lord have mercy, what's de matter wid yon?' And af ter I said dat he didn't say no mo'. Gen'men, he died right off. I said: 'Lord Jesús, my husband gone. What am I gwine to do?' Ko one was with me but dat child. I went out and hollered. Some said 1 o'clock at night dey heard me holler. I went out and hollered f or some one to come, f o' my husband was dead." -


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