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Hold-up Man At Business

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Chicago, Nov. 16.- Tlie first store hold-up of the winter season on the west side was effected by a lone robber. The store of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company at 822% West Madison street was entered by the robber,, who, af ter holding up the manager of the Plore, C. F. Downing, and taking his gold watoh and chain and the contents of the money drawer, escaped. The robbery occurred at 6:35 o'clock. The streets were filled with people and cable traína erowded with passengere ■were passing the store. Xo one, however, saw the robbery, because the moisture which covered the windows prevented a sight of the interior of the store. Mr. Downing was alone and was standing behind the counter in the front of the store. The door opened and a young man walked up to the counter, threw down a half-dollar and. said: "Give me half a pound of your. best coffee." Downing turned to one of the bins behind the counter and filled a paper bag with the coffee. "Do you wish it ground?" he asked, iurning to the man, who stood leaning against the counter. "Yes," answered the man laconically. Downing stepped to the coffee mili, which stood in front of the window at the front of the store. He poured tlie coffee into the mili and raising his hand, laid it on the handle of the wheel, preparatory to turning it. "Stop!" suddenly said the man, as Downing started the wheel. Downing turned in surprise and looked into the muzzle of a revolver. "Kee'p quiet!" said the man, as Downing shrank back, or 111 drop you." The robber ordered his victim to walk back to the rear of the store, which Downing did, his hands meanwhüe elevated in the air. Then the mansearched Downing and after taking his gold watch and chain and a small sum of money commanded him to lead the way to the money drawer. Downing did so, and after rifling the drawer the robber made Downing again walk to the rear of the store and then, still covering him with his weapon, backed out a rear door into an alley and disappeared.


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