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Pullman Cars

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As a railroad train was swinging around a sharp curve a passenger, in the sleeping car was thrown against the inside window of the stateroom, so violently that his elbow went through the glass. The Pullman conductor carne promptly to the rescue, asking if he was hurt. "No, I'm not," answered the passenger good naturedly, "but the Pullman company's dividends wilĂ­ be cut down this year by the price of one pane. I suppose the stockholders can stand it, though." "The Pullman stockholders won't have .to, " said the conductor. ' ' It comes out of the X. , Y. and Z. Railroad conipany, to whose train we are attaehed. I shall make out a damage slip, the train conductor will certify it, the repairs will be made at the end of the route, and the railroad company will foot the bill. There's mighty little, I teil you, except ordinary wear and tear, that the railroad company doesn't pay for. If there is a scratch on the side of this car at the end of a run, the X. , Y. niirl 7,. nava for it. not the Pullman corupauy.


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