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The New Aphrodite

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Out of the deep sea stream, Into the light and the air, Rose like a gracious dreara Venus, the fair How much of sorrow and rue, How much of joy and peace, Sprang that day from the blue Waters of Greece! Oh. from a Cyclad's verge Or swift galley's prow to have seen Eer, tlie world's wonder, emerge, Veiled In the sheen Of her glorious sea dripping locks, Buoyant of limb and as bright As the sole star that leads out the f.ock Of the shepherdess Night! But what avaüs tt to sigh For a glimpse of that day witlidravvn? Kot for long in the sky Stays the fair dawn. Ours the nobler lot Under tlie broad noontide, Gaziug, to falter not, Till from the wide Ocean of life we behold, Kising in splendor and might, Fairer than Venus of old, Calraer than Night, ■ Purer (han Dawn or the blue Depths of ether untrod, Kature, the only. the true Daughter of God. - W. P. Trent in Dial. In the uortheni parts of China there are niany villages whioh are almost deserted in winter, the iuhabitants going south, where they live by begging They form regular guilds and literally compel shopkeepers to help them by threateuing to cause a riot in front of their stores, which Chinese merchauts abhor. __


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