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G. R. Johnson & Sons, of Ypsilanti, pnrchaeed f1,100 worth of torkeys on Tuesday. Thanksgiving is near at hand. Samuel P. Bray, of Pittsfield, died at his home in that towuship, on Tuesday nigbt, from tbe result of a paralytic stroke. Two Saline men wbo drank too mucb Ypsilanti mineral water Tnesday night, inistook tbeir road home and ran into thö water works exoavation on Congress st., riear tbe Normal Park addition. The bnggy was badly brokeD, bnt tUte borses were got out of tbe trencb uninjared. In November, 1896, Clark Chamberlaio, of Ypsilanti, was arrested at the instanot of J. H. Miller, oharged with stealing $30 from tbe latter's store. Cbamberlain was acqnitted by a jnry in justioe court, and now Chamberlain, tbrongb his fatber L. R. Chamberlain, has entered snit against Miller for slanrlpp. James T. Hallock, a York township farmer, admits that be is a natura) bom tramp and tbat at times he gets fairly hnngry for a trip He bas a nice home aud a wife and several children. When he was bnt two years oíd he startad ont for Ann Arbor and was caught just the other side of town. He has traveled all over the country; has heeD to Brazil on a vvbaler, and knows all about life in the diamond mines. He is resting np at home just now.