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Care Of The Insane

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Tbe overcrowded condition oL rhe insane asylnma of Michigan has made it necessary to temporarily detain many insane persons in the county jails. This fact has led the State Board of Oorrections and Gharities to address eouoty officials having charge of tbe insane a coinmunication relative to the care and treatment of these patiënte. Emphasia is laid on the statement that no oounty jail shonld be without a padded cell, and no patiënt sbonld be treated as a criminal or compelled to share an apartinent with crimináis. Tbe fact that an official of one of Michigan'g asylums reports that 20 per cent of the patients brongfat to thatinstitntion had vermin on thair clotbes or bodies, and that nine per cent were in a dirty or filthy oondition, indnoed the board to direct speoial atrention to the law reqniring town and connty officers sending a patiënt to an asylnm to see that the lat ter is in a state of perfect bodily cleanliness, comfortably olotbed and provided with snitable changes of raiment as prescribed by the asylnm antborities. The treatment of the insane the same as if sick is nrged. Harshness is never necessary, and pbysical force but seldom. Ridicule and banter shonld never be allowed, and tbe use of steel handonffs, leg irons, cbains and ropes shonld never be resorted to. Deliberation, patience and gebtle firmness will prodace better results in most cases.


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