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ÍGMDTIIPII. Bafllcl Many Times Imt Snccess Comes at Last. Prom the Grand Rápids Presa.} T10 following incident would be hard ijgljeve if it lia(l nüt. occurred right here h Grand Rapids, and investigatlon by oiir representativo lias placed it beyond tho Lh oí doubt. These are the facts in Sil : Mr. J. H. White of No. 25 Ilailley Plftce has been an instructor in penmundíp ín different business colleges for tho mst fourteen years. He says : " Last Ocnber I was suddenly taken ill. I consultI a physician, who said the pain waa from ' era vel ' stones ; gradually grew worse ' the pain was in my back and side. My bfck swelled up in a great rilge, and I tiniilly grew so bad that I was taken to jed as helpless as a child. I passed bloótl and when the pain was at its worst i wa9'like one crazy. The doctor injected morphine to give me relief, but further than that he said he was powerless, and nothing would do me any good but a surrical operation. I believe my flesh was literally cooked in the attempts to relievu my agony, everything was used, mustard piasters, turpentine, hot cloths and all sucli things. I was in this condition, given „p by the doctor, and almost out of my miad with suffering. I commencedtakiug Doan's Kidney Pilis, and really I feit easier in 20 minutes. After about two hours I liad a passage of urine, and passed blood and some ' gravel ' stones which greatly rélïeved me. I rapidly improved. I took in all six boxes, and I feel to-day entirely we]]. Mine has been a wonderful case. I feel that I cannot say anything strong enough for Doan's Kidney Pilis. My great wisli is that they may become we'll known. They will prove a boon to maukiud. For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. . sole agents for the U. S. Remeinber tlie name, Doan's, and take no other.


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