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Weyler At Barcelona

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Barcelona, Nov. 23. - General Weyler, the former captain general of Cuba, arrived here on board the steamer Montserrat from Havana. The general landed benea-th the Columbus monument at 10 a. m. and was aeclaimed by about 20,000 people. In order to escape the manifestations the general was driven to the house of deputy Saladrigas, where, however, he was forced to appear upon the balcony and was applauded by the crowds of people who had gathered about the house. Madrid, Nov. 23.- The official report of the landing of General Weyler at Barcelona differs from the independent reports. The former says the general landed without the demonstration in his honor assuming the proportions anticipated, and that as he traversed the streets the public appeared indifferent. Continuing, the official version of the affair adds that six gala carriagea awaited the general, but that the crowd was small, little enthusiasm was manifested, that there were no delegations of students or politicians, and that no tvindows were decorated. PERIEK SAYS 2VOTHING. Refuses to Confinn or Deny Kaiser' Connectioii witli Dreyfus Case. Paris, Nov. 23.- Ex-President Casimir-Perier, in an interview, declined to confirm or deny the story told regarding the connection of Emperor William of Germany with the Dreyfus affair. The arres,t of Major Pauffin de SaintMorrel, who is now undergoing a month's rigorous confinement to his quarters, has led to a serious wrang-Ie between General Billot, the miniEter of war, and General Boisdeffre, the chief of the French headquarters staff, and whose name has been mentioned as successsor of Count de Montebello, as French ambassador to St. Petersburg. Major de Saint-Morrell ia the aide-decamp of General Boisdeffre, and was punished recently with Major Forcinetti for his attitude in supporting the agitation in favor of reopening the Dreyfus case. Major Forcinetti, who was governor of the military prison of ChercheMkli, was punished by being relieved cf his post. Arniy Ofïicers i'ight Duels. Berlin, Nov. 23. - A sensation was caused in this city by reports of two duels fought between army officers. The flrst report which came from Colberg. Prussia, stated that Captain Von Hahn and Captain Von Ostraki had fought a duel there and that the latter had been dangerously wounded. Both men belong to the same regiment stationed at Colberg, and it is alleyed that Hahn had seduced his vietim's wife. The second duel was fought at Bremen. Lieutenant Siegmund of the Seventy-fifth regiment mortally wounded Lieutenant Schoenfeld of the same regiment. To Buihl Gigantio Oil Tanks. Berlin, Nov. 23. - It is announced that the Mannheim Peru Oil company, a competltor of the Standard Oil company, has purchased an island in the Rhine. on which it is proposed to build gigantic tanks. At a meeting of the Mannheim and South Germán oil dealers it was resolved to exclusively patronize the Mannheim Oil company. Ex-King Milan Seeking Divorce. Prague, Bohemia. Nov. 23. - A newspaper of thia city says that ex-King Milan of Servia is again seeking to divorce his wife. Natalie, in order that he may marry Artemisia Chriatie, the divorced wife of his former secretary, and by whom the former king has a son. Ultimatum to Afridis. Simia, Nov. 23. - General Lockhart has offered the insurgents a week to surrender, restore 800 rifles, pay a fine of 50,000 rupee?. and give hostages for good conduct. All the Afridis' tribal alloyances are deolared forfeited.


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