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THE NEW YORK WORLD THRICE-A-WEEK ED1TION. 18 Pages a Week . . . . . . i56 Papers a year FOR ONE DOLLAR. Published every AltĂ©rnate Day exceptSunday. The Thrice-a-Week Edition of Thk New York World is tirst among all "weekly'' papers in si.e, freqnency of publication, and the freshness, aecuraey and variety of its contents. It bas all the merits of a great $6 rtaily at the price of a dollar weekly. lts political news is prompt, complete, accurate and impartial as all its readers will testit'y. It is against the monopolies and tor the people. It prints the news of all the world, having special correspondenee from all important news points on the globe. It has brilliant illustrations, stories by great authors, a capital humor page, complete markets, departments forthe housebold and womeirs work and otber special departments of unusua! interest. We offer this nneqiialed newspaper and The Argus together one year l'or $1.70. The regular subscription price of tle two papers is $2.00. REMEMBER, THE ARGUS THE WORLD L1 70 pER YEAR. Oor. Bates and Lamed 6t& Hoit eonreniant and central Int tl w, Cr far terr prt of th city pas the door mt short interval. Elevator service, tam hemt, eleetrĂȘ HKhts. tile oor, o. Bate. 1.SO to SS.00 pe dy. H. M. JAMES SON, ProprietaK


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