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The Father Of The Cocktail

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The cocktail was the invention of Colonel Carter of Cnlpeper Court House, Va. Many years ago in that locality there was a wayside inn named the Cock and Bottle, the semblance of an old English tavern, and which bore upon its swinging sign a cock and bottle, meaning thereby that draft and bottled ale could behad within - the "cock, " iu old vernacular, meaning the tap. He, therefore, who got the last and muddy portion of the tap was said to have received the "cocktail." Upon one occasion, when Colonel Carter was subjected to the indignity of having this mnddy beverage put before him, he threw it angrily upon the floor aud exclaimed, "Hereafter I will drink cocktails of myown brewing," andthen and there, inspired evidently by the spirit of Ganymede, he dashed together bitters, sugar, the oil of lenaon peel and soroeold Holland gin, andthusand then and there was the original cocktail


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