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What's de use ob all de kickin' an' do croak j 'Bout de tui'key dat am wanted by de nioke? 'Bout de price a-raisin' hiiíh, 'Twell hit almos' touch de sky, Twell de turk's beyond de reach ob cull'd fqlk? Cain'tyo' heah dat turkey gobbler gobblin'? Hark! He am des a meahly risin' to remark Dat de turkey in de fall Am within de re;ich ob all If yo' only does yo' reaehin' m de dark ! - Earle H. Eaton, in N. Y. World. Another whacked np to Justice Pond Saturday afternoon for riding his bicycle on the sidewalks. Mr. Clark C. Hawes, of Toledo, formerly of this city, was married Wednesday to Miss Ada Boland, of Jackson. Ann Arbor colorad swells had a cake walk and dance Friday evening at the hall in the Maynard blook on E. Ann st. Deputy Sheriff Wm. E. Blackburn is taking Patrolman Armbruster's place on the police force while Reuben is up north hunting deer. A good job of scraping the mud off Main ft. that was put ou it last spring was done Monday by a gang of men under the supervisión of Street Commissioner Ross. Manager Henderson, of the Ann Arbor Organ Co., during a recent trip to the southern states sold 200 organs. The firm has also reoeived a second order f rom Oregon for 100 organs. The 29th semi-annual meeting of the Michigan Sohoomasters' Club will take plaoe in Frieze Memorial hall tomorrow and Saturday. The olub now numbers about 200 mentbers, representing nearly every high school and college in the state. Prof. C. T. Winchester, of Wesleyan üniversity,Middleton, Conn.,vvill speak before the Wesleyan Guild at the M. E. church Sunday evening. His subject wlll be "The Bible as Literatura." This is the seoond in the H. M. Lond leotureship series for this year and a cordial invitation is exteuded to all to attend. One of the most brilliant and exciting football games of the year was played between the Aun Arbor High School and Michigan Military Acadeniy eleveus at the fair grounds Saturday afternoon. The game was a hard-fought oue from start to finish. The cadets were defeated in spite of the pluoky gama they played, by the soore of 14 - 4. Every now and than oue sees in the Times an item to this effect: "Paul G. Suekey, of Toledo, is visiting Ann Arbor friendB." Mr. Suekey says: "I have not lived in Toledo for more than a yoar and since my return from Europe my home is in Aun Arbor, although I travel around quite a little. Still Isee by the Times that I am 'visiting in Ann Arbor.' " The list of subscribers to tbe State Telepbone exchange now numbers 313. The average population to the square mile in Washtenaw county is 61.3. In Wayne it is 486.1. ,7. T. Jacobs & Soa have leased the store No. 21 S. Main st. and will go into business there. At the reopnt plection in the Michigan división Ij. A. W., H. G. Prettyman, of tbi city, was elected representative at laren. A new aud larger water main is being pnt in on E. Ann st., between State and División sta., and a semi-drouth exists in that neighborhood. A carload of Bcenery is required in the production of tbe play "Secret Service" wbich will be here Saturday night. There are 30 people in the cast. The ladies of the Woman's Auxiliary will give the Y. M. C. A. boys their annual Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening at 7 :30 o'clock. On that occasion the board of directors will act as waiters. The complaint entered by Lizzie Finch, of Cherry Hill, against Rupert Jones, of Plymouth, for eeduction, was withdrawn on Saturday and Jones was rearrested on a charge of bastardy. The examination will take place in Wayne next Saturday. The Monthly Bulletin of Vital Statistics for October shows the number of deaths in this county to have been 38, nine of which weie under five years of age. The average death rate was 10.4 per 1,000 inhabitants. In the city of Aon Arbor there were 11 deaths, the rate being 10.6 per 1,000. The pulpit of St. Andrew's chucrh was occupied Sunday morning and evening by Rev. R. E. MacDaff, of St. Paul's church. Plint, in exchange with Rev. Henry Tatlock. His sermón on inissions in the morning was one of the most original and striking presentations of the subject that the congregatiou bad ever listened to. Theie is a little difference of opinión between Rev. J. F. Thomas, late pastor of the Seoond Baptist churoh in this city, and his whilon congregation. He claims that the society owes bim $70 back salary, while the members claim that he did uot give them the speoified three months' notice and, therefore, will uot pay. Mr. Thomas says he will enter suit to recover. Frank N. Bacon and George H. Allen, two stndeuts, were "held up' by tramps Sunday night between this city and Dester. The boys were pretty badly scarert but gave their college yell wth snch vigor that the would-be highwayruan turned and fled, one of them even dropping his revolver in his haste. The revolver is on exhibition at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house. - Times. Miss Mary Vogel, who was operated on at the hospital last week Tuesday for the removal of a tumor died froiu its effects on Friday afternoon. The funeral services, which were held at Zion Lutheran church Sunday afternoon, were very largely attertded. Rev A. L. Nicklas' sermón was a most touching and earnest one. Miss Vogel is the fourth member of her family who has died within a year. On Monday morning when the mail carriers at the post office starred out on their trips the amount of mail carried by each was weighed up and showed as follows: Coffln 62 pounds, Kern 05, O'Bearu (58, Baxter 42, Donnelly 87, Richruoud (snbstitate) til, Ware 2,5, Blum 38Jé, Miller 67, Meyers 4G2, O'Kane 59. " These are all average loads snch as the carriers have each day in the year. In the holiday season the loads théy carry are much greater. The distauce traveled by each carrier on each trip is from three to five miles. A new passenger tarift' bas gone iuto effect on the Anu Arbor Railroad. Heretofore it has beeu customary to charge total amounts ending in 0 and 5 for fares. The rates hereafter will be three cents a rnile for the nurnber of miles traveled. For iustance the distauoe to Whitmore Lake is 12 miles, fare 36 ceuts; to Hamburg Juuction 17 miles, fare 51 ceuts; toHowell29 miles, fare 8? ceuts; to Duraud 51 milos, fare $1.53; to Milan 14 miles, fare 42 cents; to Toledo 45 miles, fare $1.35. The distance between Toledo and Frankfort now is 291.88 miles instead of 300 as heretotore, the line haviug been sbortened by straightening the road at various points. George D. Lnckwood. of Ypsilanti, bas been granted a patent on a wire fence. Harry Wright pleaded guilty in the circuit conrt, Monday, to the charge of picking pookets and was seatenced to six months in the county jail. The Woodmen's dance next Thursday evening will take the fortn cf au "Old Folks' Dance," with music by an old fashioned orchestra and old time dances on the program. Mrs. Elizabeth 3. Babcock was 87 years old on Monday, and in bonor of tbe oooasion and of their gnest Mrs. Winchell D. Bacon, of Waukesha, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Babcock gave an elabórate 6 o'clock dinner to a party of friende. The 'Varsity eleven and over 300 enthusiastic wearers of the yellow and bloe left tbe Michigan Central depot yesterday morning en route for Chicago. The train whlch conveyed them ■was a fine one consisting of vestibuled coaches, parlor and dining cars. By a simple rule the length of day and nigbt at any time of year, may be ascertained by simply doubling the time of the sun's rising, which will give the length of the night, and doubling the time of the setting will give the length of the day. Get out your almanac and try if this is not so. The Woman's League will give a Thanksgiving party Friday eveniug. Nov. 26. This will be in the form of a reception and is to be held in the Women's Building. All members of the league and any other ladies of the University who desire to attend are eordially invited to be present. The friends of Larkins, Jones and Lyons, who were recently acquitted at Ann Arbor, of the murder of James Richards, are circulating a subsoription paper among the people of Birraingham, where the boys live, and raising money to reimburse them for the cost of their trial. - Stockbridge Snu. Thought they lived in Plymouth. Nov. 6 the little six yenr old daughter of Mis. Mary Dickinson, of Owosso, was kidnapped by Albeit Peteison. Subsquently Peterson placed the child iu charge of Mr. and Mrs. George Rauschenberger, who live in Northfield, near Whitmore Lake, agreaing to pay them for taking care of it. He statec he was the child's guardián. Peterson has since been arrested for his crime and is now in the Shiawassee connty jail. The child bas been returned to its mother. Farmers riear Delhi and in the surroucding country are greatly iticensed at the action of Isbell & Co., a Jackson firm which has been bnying beans in that vicinity. Tbey allege that last spring the firm in question sold to them seed beans, and proruised to pay 80 cents a bushei for' the erop when harvested. The firm, they claim, now deruands that the beans shall be put ou board cars before it will pay, and when this is done it pays the farmers only frorn -40 to 50 cents a bushel. The score of the football game as plnyed iu Chicago today will be received by long distance telephone at the School of Music. The game is ualled at 1 p. m. Standard. The use of the wires was donated by the Chicago Telephone Co., the American pboue Co., and the Michigan Telephone 2o. for this purpose to the Athletio Assooiation, who in recognitioo of tbe hearty snppor given it by the business men of the oity and others iuvite tbem to hear the result of the game tree of charge. H. G. Prettyman will reneive the news at this end of the wire and announce it. Manager T. J. Keech was largely instrumeutal in seouring this privilege frorn the couipanies narned. Tbe Payne house that has just been moved from its place occupied for so many years on State st., to an Ann st. frontage on the rear end of the lot. is one of the oldest aritsooratio mansions of the city. It was built by Mr. Hooper, an Englishman who came here in an early day and made a fortune out of a brewery, (brewing ale altnost exclusively) that was looated at the oorner of Fuller and N. State sts., now the M. O. R. R. grounds. Tbie home was a companion and exact counterpart of Gov. Felch's house next south, and they were considered fine mansions wben erected. The only one of the Hooper family now left is Fred B. Hooper, who resides in Detroit. - Couiier. "KWING YER PARDNERS." Sinj; a song o' fatl time- Bettei time thari spring ! Don't keer feryer mockln birds When all the tiddles sinfr! Sing a song o' f all time - Summer's dead an' gone; SUakethem rosr applesdown An' tilt the jimmyjohn! t'íng a eong o' fall time- iiove'g a same o' chance, But all tbe gale are Bmilin' eweet Miss Mary, will you dance ? -Frank. L. Stanton. The New State Telephone Co. will run its lines into Milán in the near fntnre. Judge Kinne reueived an invitation Monday to hold ooort in Calhoun county bnt owing to previons engagements had to decline. Governor Pingree has appointed Prof. Jacob Reighart, of this oity and Herschell Whitaker, of Detrcit, delegates to the National Fishing ÜODgress to be held at Tampa, Florida. Governor Robert L. Taylor, of Tennessee, will give the next nnmber íd the S. L. A. conrse at University hall, next Friday evening. His subject will be "The Fiddló and the Bow.". Prof. A. A. Stanley's lecture on "Bayreoth aod the Wagner Festivals" at the Unitarian church on Monday eveniag was very iuteresting to the arge audience tnat listened to it. W. F. Stiegelmaier had his .hearing n Jnstice Pond's conrt Monday on the charge of obtaining money nnder false pretenses from Stoddard Twitchell, and was bound over to the circuit court for rial. Labor Cofcrnissioner Cox is now compiling statistics from 296 villages in the state wbere his inspectora have oompleted their canvass. In 253 places tbe canvass shows no idle raen. The average wages paid to laborers is $1. 15 per day, $2 being tbe highest, at Calumet, and 75 cents the lowest, at Boyne Falls, Croten, Manchester and Pinconuing. Fire departments are sustained in 198 villages. A lady had a narrow escape frorn being shot Thnrsday afternoon of last week, as she was ascending the steps leading up to Judge Kinne's house, by one of two men who were passing along the street armed with a gun. It is supposed the shot was flred at some English sparrows. No matter what the shot was fired at it was clearly against the city ordinanoe wbioh probibits the use of firearms within the city limits Prof. Alberto Jonas, the head of the piano department of the School of Mosc achieved a great snccess Friday afternoon and Satnrday evening in Boston, Mass. Mr. Jonas played the Paderewski ooncerto with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Emil Paur, and was received with great enthusiasm, being recalled three times on Friday, and five times on Saturday evening. Ann Arbor has every reason to be proud of her great pianist. "Tbe Y. SI'. C. A. Parliamentary Club of Ann Arbor" was formed at the Y. M. C. A. rooms Friday evening. A ooDstitution and by-laws was adopted and the following offlcers elected : President, A. C. Schairer; vice president, E. B. Davis; secretary, J. T. Wurster; treasurer, G. Smith; marshal, E. J. Chapín ; parliameutarian, E. B. Caldwell. The object of the sooiety is to give its members correct knowledge of ctiy government and pailiainentary forras. Rev. Geo. H. Hickos, late chaplain at the state prison, died at Jackson Thursday eveaing of last week, from oíd age. Mr. Hiokox was bom in Monroe Gounty, New York, Oct. 15, 1822, and carne to Michigan in 1845, settling in Washtenaw county, and locating on a farm where he remained six years. Deciding to devote bis life to the ininistry, he entered Kalamazoo college where he studied fonr years, and was ordained a minister of the Baptist church. He had been chaplain ruany years. No trace of the whereabouts of Wm. Klein, of Saline, an account of whose peculiar disappearance from home appeared in last week's Aigns, has yet been foond. Before going to bis wife and telling her she would not see him again, he had come to Anu Arbor and drawn $2,700 from the bank where ha had it on deposit. Klein is about 50 yeats oíd, and has been married two years. His wife says they never had a quarrel ; that he had never shown signs of insanity, and that she cannot imagine a cause for his actiou. The cbange ofj time on the Ann Arjor and Ypsilanti motor line took place yesterday. The only chage in the week day cars is that the 6 a. m. and the 7 :1O motor are now merged into one ;rip, the time of leaving Ypsilanti being 7:00 a. n., aod tbe court house at Ann Arbor 7 :3o a. m. The Sunday tiine card is a follows: Leave Ypsilanti at 9:00, 10:10, a. m., and 1 :40, 3:00, 4:10, 5:20, (5 :30, 7:40, 8:50 and 10:00 p. m. Leaving Ann Arbor at 9:35, 10:45 a. m., and 2:15, 3:35, 4:45, 5:55 7 :05, 8 :15, 6 :25 and 10 :35 p. m.