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Color Blind

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John Dalton, without whose discovery of the laws of chemical combination chetnistry as an exact scienee oonld hardly exist, was wholly color blind. His kuowledge of the f act came abont by a happening of the sort which we cali chance. On his mother'sbirtbday, when he was a man of 26, he took her a pair of Btookings which he had Been in a shop window labeled : "Silk, and newest f ashion. " "Thee has bonght me a pair of grand hose, JoLn," said the mother, "bnt what made thee fancy snch a bright color? Why, I can never show myself at meeting in them. " John was much disconcerted, bnt he told her that heconsideredthe stockings to be of a very proper go to meeting color, as they were a dark bluieh drab. "Why, they'reredasa cherry, John," was her astonished reply. Neither he nor his brother Jonathan conld see anytbing but drab in the stockings, and they rested in the belief that the good wife's eyes were out of order nntil ene, having consnlted variĆ³os neighbors, returned with the verdict, "Varra fine stuff, bnt uncommon scarlety." The conseqnence was that John Dalton became aimost the first to direct the attention of the scientific world to the


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