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Indian Girl A Captive

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Chicago, Nov. 23. - Red-skinned Maggie Coburasay, a Seminóle maiden of 15, went back to her people with a tale of captivity among the whites. It was not in the foresta or on the plains that she lost her liberty. Her captors Were not blue-coated regulare, nor were they prairie renegades. She was seized right in the heart ef Chicago by two unscrupulous rangers of Dearborn street, and imprisoned in the Sacramento hotel. But the Indian girl found her championa. She was rescued from her prison by a vallant pólice sergeant. The officials of a great railroad immediately took up her cause, and the machinery of white justioe has been set in motion. Indictinent for Abductlon. The grand jury heard the charges against R. R. Grave9, known as "Silver Dick," and J. C. Reynolds, alleged runnera for the Sacramento hotel, 444 Dearborn street, and an indictment for abductlon was returned lnto court in the mornlng. Miss Coburasay is an educated young woman. Since infancy she has lived in the Haskell institute on the Seminóle reservation at Lawrence, Kan., and she speaks English better than many an American with a whiter skin. She is accounted beautiful among her people, and she attracted considerable attention as she carne into the criminal court building, accompanied by General Solicitor Bancroft of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe rairoad and Miss Fisher of the Toung Women's Christian association. Her big brown eyes flashed as she told her story to the grand jurors. ,stopp'd on a Public Street, Miss CoburáSáy carne to Chicago three weeka go from a point in Michigan, where alie had been spending the summer. She was only to cnange cars here for her home at Lawrence, Kan. When she left the train at the Northwestern depot she hastened to the Polk Street station. Near the jorner of Poli and Dearborn streets she stopped to purchase soms fruit, when Reynolds, who was standing near, approached her and as&gá where. she was golng. "To Lawrence, Kan., over the Santa Fe," she replied, produclngr her ticket. Reynolds examined the ticket a moment. Theri he called Graves and introduced Jiim as the general ticket manager of the Santa Pe. "Step right upstairs into my office and I will flx your tickets and time carda so you will have no trouble on the train," Graves said, as he led the way into the Sacramento hotel. Door I I .ockerl Behind Her. Miss Coburasay saw at once that she waa not in an office, and demanded to be released, but Graves locked the door and refused to open it. About an hour later the pólice learned of the young captive, and Sergeant Murane broke in the door and released her. Reynolds and Graves were arrested. Miss Coburasay was taken in charge by the Santa Fe Railroad company, and made its protege. She was taken to the Auditorium at the corporation'g expense, and a companion, in the person of Miss Fisher, was furnished. General Solicitor Bancroft took charge of the prosecution of Graves and Reynolds. The grand jurors took an unusual interest in Miss Coburasay and propounded many questions to her, which were promptly answered. Miss Coburasay will return to Chicago when the charge against Reynolds and Graves is brought up in the criminal cöurt.


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