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The receipts of tbe Ann Arbor post office dnriDg the ruonth of November were the largest in any month in the history of the office, being $3,633.78. The ruoDth of October had been the largest of any rnontb preceding, reaching $3,600.82, whioh it was thought wonld be the high water mark for some time to come. These two months showed an increase of over $1,300 in business over the same two months last year. There were in November 196.987 stamps, envelopes and postáis sold, being 140,404 stamps, 35,809 stamped envelopes and 20,774 postáis. Af ter payiug the salaries and expenses of the office there was remitted from Ann Arbur to the U. S. treasury, $2,105.94 in October and $2,179.58 in November, a ;otal of $4,285.52 for the two months, and an inoiease in the amoant remitted of $1,328.49 over the same two months last year. The volume of business in the mailing departnient shows even a larger inoiease than the figures given above would indioate. Never have longer working honrs nor harder ones been put in by the olerks in tbis department than were pnt in last month. At the same time the loads of the carriers have increased so tbat each one of the eleven oaniers carries as heavy loads as was cariied when there were but seven carriers in the offioe.


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