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The visit of the corupanions of Excelsior Cnapter, No. 25, Ypsilanti, and Livingston Chapter, No. 30, Howell, te Washtenavv Chaptei, R A. M., of this city, on Monday evening, was au event that will live long in the memories of the Roya! Arch Masons who were present on the occasion. The exemplification of the augast degree was done by the officers of Excelsior Chapter, Ypsilanti, and it was beantiful and impressive as it sboald be. After the work had been completed and the Chapter closed a procession was formed and all marched to the drill room to the strains of a lively inarch played by the Cheqnamegons. Here Companion E. V. Hangsterfer had spread one of tbose recherche banquets for which he is so justy famed, and the 200 covers were speedily ocenpied by as many hnngry men. At each plate an elabórate printad menu and program was laid, and the corupanions lost do time in getting to work on the articles that composed the bill of faie. After the solids had disappeared and oigars had been lighted, W. W. Watts, P. H. P., took the toastmaster's chair, and after letters of regret at their absenoe had been read from Rev. Wm. Gardam and Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, he introduced the following toasts and speakers: "Walcome of Washtenaw Uhapter, " Ex. Comp. C. Goodrich, H. P. ; "Response of Exoelsior Cbapter, " Ex. Comp. Wm. AMoore, H. P. ; "Response of Livings. ton Chapter," Ex. Conap. F. M. Lansing, H. P. ; "The Grand Chapter of Michigan," Ex. Comp. C. L. Stevens, E. G. P. S. ; "Capitular and Chivalric Masonry, " Comp. W. G. Doty, P. G. C. ; "Aucient Craft and Capitular Masonry," Comp. J. E. Beal; "The Royal Craft of Ypsilanti." Comp. T. L. Towuer ; "Thoughts in Capitular Masonry," Comp. A. J. Sawyer; "Fraternalism," Comp. E. F. Johnson; "When I Travelled," Comp. W. L. Pack; "The Greeks aad the Athenians, :' Comp. H. Wirt Newkirk. All of tbe speakers were good ones and each of the speeches was a geni in its own particular way. The last respouse was made at abont 1 :30 a. m.


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