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Mr. And Mrs. Henschel

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Mr. and Mrs. Georg Henschel, the famous singers, will appear at University hall, Priday evening of next week, in the Choral Union course. No two singers bave ever given recitals in conjunction with greater snccess than has attended these artista. Mr. Henschel is a great singet, by virtne of his thoiongbly musical nature and consummate skill in handling his voice. Mrs. Hensochel is as popular in London and Vienna as before her ruarriage sbe was in Boston. Their present tour of this country is already an immense success. The highest autborities speak of their work in terras of almost unqualified praise, as may be seen from the accoinpanying estracts from the writings of prominent critica. The .New York Sun says: day s pertormance by Mr, and Mrs. Henschel in Cbickering hall seemed even more delightful tban their celebrated entertainments are wont to be, and this resnlt depended not alone upon the excellence of rendering spent by these consurnmate artists upon their program, bat very greatly opon the selectiona themselves.whioh were many of them nw, all of them intenee]y interesting, and which were so eharmingly varied and so cunniugly contrasted as o hold atttution bound in welcome fetters. " New York Herald : "It was a charruiDg recital that Mr. and Mrs. üeorg Henschel gave yesterday afternoon at Chickering halll, it was a distinguished and appreciative audience that gathered to welcome the return of these admirable vooalists. " New York Tribune: "No local lover of classioal song who has followed its ups and downs in our concert rooms during the laet 15 years is likaly to have been indifferent to the concert which Mr. and Mrs. Georg Henschel gave yesterday. When' Mr. Henschel carne to Amerioa 16 or 1? years ago, be put aside bis character as a composer of a serious order and was content to appeal to onr suffrages as an oratorio siuger. It has never appeared that be won muoh admiration for the quality of his voiee, bnt there was no gainsayiug bis beantiful mnsicianship in the handling of it. He sang like a master and wbenever he appearesd the pnblic went away convinced that, as íar as he was ooncerned, the rnnsio had been most eloqnently and oonvincingly interpretad. Meanwhile bis American vvife, who had stndied with him aod imbibed bis artistio principies, worked hfr way to the forefront of our concert siDgers, ana ever since tbe acncerts which they have given in cominon have been occasions of purest delight to all who know what good singina means. It was no surprise, therefore, that tbeir cuncert at (Jhickering hall yesterday afternoon attracted an audience of tbe select among the city's mnsio lovers, and tbat tbeir singing was enjoyed to the ntinosc. It conld not be otherwise, for ttiey have had a large share in the development of appreoiation for tbe kind of musio whioh they have made it tbeir mission to parvey. Hearty appreoiation was expressed foreverything.bat it was after Mr. Hensohel's tender Soottish Inllaby, 'Shonggie, shoo, my bairnie, ' and 'Spring,' sung by Mrs. Hnschel, that the applause reacbed its climas, and th Inllaby bad to be repeated to still it. 'f


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