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Its Third Annual Banquet

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The tbird annnal banquet given to the mernbers of tüe local Y. M. A. by the Woiiian's Anxialiary carne ófif at tbe assooiation rflorus Friday eveniDg. Three long tables tastefnlly decorated aud spread witb an appetizing array of gooá things, were set, aud every seat at them was occupied by the yonng men and their best girls. The boaid of directors ruade an efficiënt corps of wakers and everytbing went along as merry as a wedding bell. After the appetites of all had been appeased a program of toasts aüd musió was given as follows, Richard Flynn acting as toastmaster: Johu T. Wurster's toast was "Thanksgiving, " and he made a brief but sukable reply to it. 'The Press" feil to W. B. Phillips' lot,, and of conrse he said they were the best people od earth. Clyde ü. Kerr knew there were none fluer than "Ann Arboi's oung Alen," and Alfred O. Schairer was positive "Onr Professional Wakers" conld not be equalled. Geo. Lake prophesied wonderful tbiugs in bis "Bird's Eye View of the Present Building Site, " and Cari M. Dowler complimented thu fair sex iu bis reply to "Those Who Bauquet üs.'" Nate Stanger and Q. G. Stimsoo also gave short but interesting speeches. The musical part of the progcam consisted of solos by JMrs. R. H. Kempf, Frederio Dansingbarg and A. M. Wilkinson, and a mandolín solo by Mrs. ' Smith. When Eugene S. Gilmore was called on for a speoch, he crawled out of it by announcing that "Gilmore's Band" woold play aad tben oalled on the High School orchestra to play the closing uumber. During the eveuing M. C. WoodAllen kindly volunteered to give 10 a year for five years towards tbe fund for the uew Y. M. C. A. building. His offer has been aocepted.


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