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A Wonderful Story Of An Elks' Pin

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Osoar Luick returned . ty'ednesday frotn his hnnting expeditiou iu tha northein part of the state. He.bad the great good fortune to kill t'wo deer, whicb he brings 'home with him. He tells a cnrions story of how his B P. O. Elks' pin saved bis lífo one'day dnring the trip. He was lost ' iti the woods and benurubed and conftised had set himself down on a log in de's'pair. A great Elk suddenly bnrst 'intb sight and angrily kioked the hnnter off the log. As Oscar feil, so the trtfe story goes, his ooat flew open, -displaying his Elks' pin. The Elk quickly reoognized the pin.oarefnlly raise.d.t.he hunter to bis feet by tbe ose of his h,, and thns supporting him led hirn,'tpa runway and thence safely back camp. This wonderfnl narrative. ooght to find a proruiDent place iu the . re.qords of Ann Arbor Lodge, B. . P. Ö, Elks. - Tiuaes. . .,. P. W. Carpenter will still he city olerk of Ypsilanti, At a speoiál meeting of the couucil held Tuesday evening Mr. Carpenter was uuaniruoosly reqaested to withdraw his resignation. On condition that he conld appoint a deputy to do the work, Mr. Carpenter oonsented to still remain as the official ciry clerk. This condition was agreed to and Mr. Carpeoter appointe'd his son, W. S. Carpeuter as his depnty." " I


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