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The Kitten And The Bear

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Chris Bnnis, the veteran first sergeant of Troop D, had a kitten whicb, during ihe suiuiuer camping of the troop at the Lower Geyser basan, made her home within thesergeant's tent. Here, curled up on a pair of army blankets, she defied the world in general and dogs in particular. When the latter approached, she would elévate every bristle on her brave little back, her eyes would glow like live coals, and her tail would sweli np threateningly. If dogs -approached too near, she would hiss and exhibit the usual signs of hostility until the intruders had vanished from her neighborhood. One day, wheu the camp was bathed In sunuhine and every soldier in camp feit lazy, au inqiiisitive black bear came down the mountain side and, whether because he was in search of adventure or because attracted by a savory smell from the cook's flre, began to walk about among the white tents of the cavlry command. Suddenly the kitten caught sight of him. Dogs by the score she had seen, but this particular "dog" was the largest and the hairiest dog she had ever Been. But she did not hesitate. It was enough for her that an enemy had invaded her special domain. Hissing forth tier spite, while her little body quivered with rago, she darted forth at the bear. The onslaught was suddeu, and one glance was enough for bruin. With a snort of fear, bruin made f or the nearest tree, a short distance away, and did not pause until he was safely perched among the upper branches. Meanwhile the kitten stalked proudly about on the ?round beneath, keeping close guard over her huge captive, her back still curved into a bow and her hair still bristling with righteous indignation, while her tail would now and then give a significant little wave, as if to say, "That's the way I settle impertiuent jears. ' ' The soldiers, who meanwhile had poured forth from their tents, could Bcarcely believe their eyes; but there was the bear in the tree and the kitten )elow, and there were those who had seen the affair frcm beginning to end. And perhaps the straugest part of it all was that the bear would not stir from his safe position in the branches until the kitten had been persuaded to leave her huge enemy a clear means of retreat. Then he slid shamefacedly down from his perch and ambled hastily


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