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íklN0Sui n Umenls and powders, not ' li lfrí}Yil l'if knowing that all the wbile Üö WIR' 'mUIí th? trouble is not in the IA I! ll I I li y sa tse}f but io the sysM I i tem. It is sometimes absolutely dangerous to use outward applications, for if the skin alone is cleared, the real disease is likely to attack some internat organ of the body, where it may prove fatal to life itself. In the majority of cases these unsightly skin discases are due to two things, weakness and disorders of the distinctly fetninine organism, and impurities of the blood caused by them. The woman who suffers from disease in a womanly way will soon suffer in her general health. Her stomach, liver and other organs will fail to perfortn their proper functions, with the result that the blood becomes impure. Left to herself, she will probably resort to cosmetics and ointments. If she consults a physician he will teil her that the stomach or liver only is at fault. Her distinctly womanly ailment is really the first and only cause. For this she should resort at once to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It acts directlyand onlyon the delicate and important organs concerned. It malees them strong and well. Then a course of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will purify and enrich the blood, and make her a new woman. Medicine dealers sell both remedies. 'I cannot say too miich for Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription." writes Miss Clara Baird. of Bridgeport, Montgomery Co., PenDa., "for the good it did me. If any one doubts this give them my name and address." Sure, safe and simple ways to cure all manntr of skin diseases told in Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser. For a paper - covered copy send 21 one-cent stamps, to cover mailing only, to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. y. ; cloth binding, 31 stamps.


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