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Women Art Students

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"Of all the curious things I ever seed, " remarked the retired mariner, "these here girl artists are the curionsest. The wonders of the deep is nothiii to 'em. I was mendin a net down on the dock there a few days ago when one of 'em comes erlong, plopped that three legged affair of hers down near me, rigged np her ombrel and set to work at paintin a schooner 'et was layin off in the river. Tide was pretty near ther least of tin r ebb when she began, and ther schoont r was, of oonrse, pintin np etream. W i . '. , she got erlong pretty well pattin the tv o masts in her all right and the bowĂŠprit. While she was paintiu the bilis aeross ther river tide turned and swung the old schooner around. When she come to look at her picter, she must er seen somethin was wrong about that air bowsprit. It looked wrong eomehow, and I'm biest if she didn't go and pat another one on, sticking out over the etern of the danged thing. " -


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