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Fatalities Of Storm

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London, Nov. 30. - Stories of wrecks, íatalitiesand damage done by the storm continue to be received. All the bays and ports are full Of shipping more or less seriously damaged. Such sights have not been seen for many years. Several of the inland towns of Kent are stül flooded and a long time must elapse before repairs can be made. The seaside resorts naturally have fared the worst. At Margae alone the damage done is estimated to amount to L50,000, and at South End the loss was L30,000. Reports are received from other- seaside places. Severity of the weather prevailing in Durhamshire can be guaged by the finding of the frozen body of a laborer who lost nis way in a snowstorm. Five artillery men from Shoebuyness, who were sent out to search for a boat in which six gunners were adrift, were driven out to sea and were picked up at night by the Alian line steamer Austrian, af ter their boat hád been stove in. It is feared the boat containIng the six gunners was swamped and that the men were arowned. The Eamsgate Ufe boat with a tug, the two vessels having a score of men on board, ■went to assist a vessel in danger on the Goodwin sands, has not been heard of for tweuty-four hours. Damage on the Belgian Coast. Brussels, Nov. 30.- The storm which has been sweeping the northern part of Europe has done great damage along the Belgian coast. At Heyst and Middelkerke the dykes have been breached, flooded houses have collapsed and a number of vessels have been driven ashore. The Kursal and other buildings at Blankenberghe have been damaged; the dykes have been damaged, the streets are flooded and the troops are being employed at various points to assist in the work of rescue. THINKS SPAIN IS SATISFIKD. Member of ('ahinet Dlscusses Affairs in (Juba anl Porto Rico. Madrid. Nov. 30.- A member of the Spanish cabinet, in an interview just published, says the government of Spain is well satisfled with the results of the publication of the decree providing for an autonomous form of government in Cuba and Porto Rico, adding that the manner in which it has been received in the United States is favorable to Spain. The cabinet minister ia further quoted as saying that the only difficulty to be apprehended is in regard to the position which the Carlists will assume, but the Spanish government. he explained. does not believe the country will support Don Carlos, "whose ambitions are condemned by the Vatican." The minister further said that the plans of the Carlists had failed for lack of money. He denied that General Weyler, the former captain general of Cuba, who is alleged to be in sympathy with the Carlists, had been summoned to Madrid. Senor Cos-Gaynor, former minister of the interior, in an interview is said to have asserted that the Conservatlves will not make any attempt to place diffioulties in the way of the policy of the Liberal government in establishing autonomy in Cuba and Porto Rico. w Austrian Oubinet Forml. Vienna, Nov. 30.- Baron Gautsch von Frankenthurn. formerly minister of worship and public instructions, who was commissioned by the emperor to form a ministry to succeed the Badeni cabinet, has completed his task and submitted the names of the new ministry. The list, which contains the names of a number of men well known in public affairs. inrludes Herr Ruber as minister of justice, Herr Wittek, minister of railways: Herr Boehm-Bowerk, minister of flnance; Herr Koerber, minister of eommerce: Herr Iatoir. minister of educatlon, and Count Bylandt. ministeof agriculture. Kaiser Open the Kelclistaic. Berlin, Nov. 30. - The last session of the reischtar was opened at noon by Emperor William in person for the flrst time since 1894. The ceremony took place in the white hall of the royal castle. His majesty read the speech from the throne. The navy occupied the principal place in the speech.


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