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The Huber Case

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Port Hnron, Nov. 29. - "Thfi case of yonng Ells, of Saginaw, was undonbted!y a wonderful one. Bat I don 't think it approaobes ïay own experience in any respect," remarked Mr. G. T. Haber, a well known bakei, living on Baron avenue in tbis city. "I bad diabetes of snch a malignant type that I was bloated to twiee ray natnral size. I need to drink frora ten to twelve large oaps of tea or ooffee at every meal I pattook of. The doctors, one of whom was a specialist, said I conld not possibly recover, and that I had not more tban six months to live. "I began the nse of Dodd's Kidney PiJls aud before I had nsed one box the extreme thirst was gone, and I enjoyed wonderfnl relief. By the time the third box was finished the blotaing had vanished and today I am a well man, just as strong and healthy and energetio as any in this city. I have tested wbat Dodd's Kidney Pilis will do, and they are a wonderfnl medicine." Said a city draggist, speaking of this case: "There is no town that can produce a more remarkable cure than this. It was a veritable resnrrection.dae solely and entirely to Dodd's Kidney Pilis. I am not at all snrprised at the tremendous salee we are having, nor at the great difficnlty we flnd in keeping thenj in stock " The diupgists know that Dodd's K'dney Pilis are tbe most reliable medicine before the people It is proved every day in every rirng store in the city. No other medicine sells in sncb enormous qnantines, beoanse no other medicine will cnre kidney diseases. This Dodd's Kidney Pilis do without fail henee their great popalarity. There is no doabt about their sect. They have cnred every case of Bright's disease, diabetes, paralysis, heart disease, and every other kidney disease for which they have been uped.


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