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InterestinR Letters. -fUGfè The following jEgfijEk iureresüng 1 e tI Sfe ters were recei"'i"? ed by Dr. Hartmao, Colnmbus, & LLj O h i o, f r o m &jÊ&L thankfulwomea : cSIIIInJp a m s ■Bearen 3ïlv:v2iN Tenn. , writes : " I m Xv oan gladly rec" X2W % om m end Dr. Hartman 's wonderful remedies. Tbey are all any honsewife needs with tibe books sent free treating on the different ailtnents. I have used Pe-rn-na for four years and it never fails to give telief if taken in time. Whenever I feel done np it helps me wonderfully. In cases of colds, chille, la grippe, if taken in hot wator, it acts like a charm I oan reeommend it for pains in the back, cold hands and feet. You will save doctor bilis by the use of Dr. Hartman's wonderful rnedioines. " _- . Miss Li unie TJ Wiggins, Berlín lili fleights, ühio, y!ffl@Ë% writes :"Isuffertï $r 0 ed with oatarrh }ti, of the nose, head {Sb ". aDd tbroat for X JÜeL "KKi tbree years. 1 Wk -Hw5;'Ncould get uo reTiSIJmt lief until I begau f ' " ' V I taking Pern-na. V "l ï I took three bottles. It has done wonders. Independent of oariDg my oatarrh, it has greatly improved ruy general health. 1 cannot describe the change. Any one sofferiDg from catarrh and knowing that i oan be cnred would be very nnwise not to take Dr. Hartman's advice. Follow directions. Pe-rn-na does the rest." Address The Pe-ru-na Drng Manu facturing Coinpany, Colnmbus, ühio, or a free bouk entitled" Winter Catarih. ' Ask yonr druggist for a free Pe-ru-na Almauac for 1898. For auy one to assert that petroleum oil possesses no therapeutic power is eimply to make au assertion of ignorance, for petroleum, or rock oil, as it is Bometiines called, is, it is veell known to those who have paid any attention to the subject, used with the most beneflcial results in all chrouic bronchial aud pulmonary disorders. Medical men say rheumatism is the toierunner of heart disease. llood's Sarsfiparilla cures rheumatism by its action on the blood.


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