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Moonlight effects in photographs have lo...

Moonlight effects in photographs have lo... image
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Moonlight effects in photographs have long been admired by the uninitiated aiid fully appreciated by both amateur and proiessioual photographers f or their beauty, and many plates, too, have beeu gpoiled by snap shotters who have accept ed moonïight as the real illuininator o these views and aecordingly focused di rectly on this beautiful orb of night Mooulights with the moon herself ii evideuce are really sun photographs - that is, pictures taien with a rapid ex posure, the camera pointed toward the sun generally in the late afteruoou or early morning and with clouds between the lens and the direct rays. Many charniing so called night pic tures are taken by making two expo sures, a short one in the rapidly dimin ishing afteruoon sunlight, to get au im pression of buildings and oiher dark ob jects and another longer oue after dark to print in the gas and electric light that line the loug street or mark out the roads and winding pathways of a city


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