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Glued Seams

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A correpoiiit'iit who signs hirnse' V. C. , uvideutly uieaning Viotori Cross, seuds the followiug reminiscenc to the London ïelegraph : "Your ac count of the tailor who has invented gummed seams for ones remind me of the experienw of a gallan t Freno offloer who was a friend of mino, then a young man, iu the Crimea - Genera Pelissier. He was rather careless abou bis dress except wben in uniform, anc one day he surprised all bis frienda by appeariug in a maguiflcent shepherc tartán suit. They were ail envious o: his splendid turnont. At night he join ed in the couviviality which was tak ing place in oue of the huts, warmed by a cheerful, blazing fíre. The plac got intulerably warm, and when Pe lissier roso to go the company wer amazed to flud the shepherd tartán 'complet' fall to pieces in au extraordi nary manner. The sleeves of the coa dropped to the floor, then the back, anc the trousers also feil off in detachments An examination showed that the seams instead of being sewed, were glued to gether, and tho heat of the hut bad completely nielted the composition. Pe lissier had bought them from a Greek peddler and paid a high price for them If that enterprisiug merchant had fall en into the general's hands within the next few days, I am afraid he would have had short shrift. Unless the new system is capable of better tbings than that most of os will be quite coutent to stick to the stitches. "


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