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Struck The Right Man

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During a visit to Massachusetts a distinguished author was invited by a friend to a meeting of au agrieultural society, then bolding its auuual session in the town. The invitation was accepted, and author and friend took seats near the door. Nearly every farmer in the house liad 60inething to say. Finally the president, pointing toward the author, said: "Evei'ybody's given us a talk tonight, escept the farmer down there by the door - I mean the brother with the bazel beard, the boots and the slouch bat. I eau teil by his looks that be's a farmer, and notbiug but a farmer, and I cali upon him to take the floor and teil us how urops are in his neighborbood. ' ' m The man referred to was Hainlin Qarland, but he was equal to the occasion, and rising he said : "Yes, I'm a farmer, and I'm proud of it, but just now I'm doing a little literary work in order to get money


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