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Traps And Trapping

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The ways of trapping are as varicras as the ingenuity of savage or civilized man can devise. I like best the trapa that one can inake. They seem to give the animal a fairer show; they develop our own constructive faculties, and the nearer we can get to the savage way the more fun it always is. Steel trapa nave a place that wooden traps can never flll, but give me something that I can make with my own hands, with the simplest tools, out of whatever als the spot affords where the animal ives. Of all the animáis in this country there is none that affords less harmful sport than the rabbit - more properly ïare - of which there are several species, lts wonderful powers of increase enable it to hold its own, as far too many of our best and most valuable animáis do not. Furthermore, rabbits are very easily trapped. Every oue knows its little trail, as road as dne's hand, throngh the bushes or broom sedge, or its footprints as it ïops over the olear snow. Here, where he path goes under a feace rail, it has topped to gnaw. The rabbit follows his path iu season and out, though in he far uorth, where the snow keeps piling and piling up, its little road may hange with each successive snowfall. Trappers there put out a large number of snares, setting thein rightin


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