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Petit Larceny Not Woman's Sin Alone

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The story comes froru Euglaud of a novel beiug fonud iu the stroug rooru of a íirui of publishers writteu entirely upon the uote paper of a Lcudon club. ?he thiiig i:s siguilicant tor tv.o reasons: Tirst, because the uovelist v.-as a man, and, second, because petty larceuy bas ong bten uppocd to be the prerogative of vToniau. It is a tact that, in this ountry at lf ast, it is womeu who pilfer be detachabie privileges to be íouud iu ailway stations, the waiting room of department stores, botéis and like )laces. It bas been fouiid ueeessary to hain Bibles tbemselves. It isn't so very ong ago tbat wheu a woniaii aróse to ead her bulky exteiuporaneous uddress t the meeting oí a certain woman's lub, ber listéners, upon the back of acb sheet of manuscript, could deseche sign and seal of a well known hotel. 'bis w a su 't so bad, of course, as a whole book, but it was bad enongh. -


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